Corby landslip: Here’s all we know

This afternoon a train in Corby became stranded after a landslip on the railway line. Here is everything we know about the incident.

Thursday, 13th June 2019, 10:53 pm
The bank collapsed into the side of this train. There is still flooding on the line.

- At 4pm the 14.34 northbound passenger service from London to Nottingham was travelling through Corby .

- Rain has been heavy in Corby this week and the Pen Green balancing lakes off Stephenson Way in Corby had been flooded. Two feet of water gushed down on to the railway track causing mud and silt to go on to the line.

- The train hit this debris and was derailed but stayed upright. Mud continued to slide into the side of the train and left it unable to move.

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The bank collapsed into the side of this train. There is still flooding on the line.

- Network Rail were called out immediately and arranged for a rescue train - another passenger train - the 13.59 from Sheffield to London to come to the scene.

- The passengers were safely moved from the Nottingham train to the Sheffield train between 6pm and 7pm.

- The train began to move at 7.30pm but then hit floodwater just yards up the track in the Corby tunnel - an underground track that runs under the Gretton Brook Plantation.

- At 7.45pm the train had to reverse back down the track towards Corby.

- At 8.50pm British Transport Police were called along with paramedics and the fire brigade to help with the evacuation.

- At 9.14pm paramedics boarded the train to attend to someone who is believed to have fainted.

- Some passengers have now been on board the train for eight hours.

- Network Rail say transport disruption will go on through tomorrow.

- As night falls, passengers will now be walked off the train and bussed to elsewhere.

- East Midlands Trains said: “Our priority is to look after the affected passengers and to provide them with regular updates. We know the train is very busy and we are doing everything possible to get passengers on the move as soon as we can.

“Coach services are being arranged to transfer customers once they have left the train. Extra staff are on site to assist customers and provide refreshments.

“Safety is our absolute priority and we thank customers for their patience during these difficult circumstances.”

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