Baby Names 2019: here are the top 10 most controversial baby names for girls

These are the most controversial girl names of 2019.

Controversial baby names.
Controversial baby names.

Some of these are outrageous! Did your name make the list?

Still a popular choice, Chloe topped the list of most controversial baby names.
Lola has grown in popularity as a name choice in recent years, but clearly some people dislike it.
There are plenty of famous Stellas - McCartney, Creasy...Artois? Perhaps that's why some people are turning away from it.
Winter is certainly an "out-there" choice, but might be a bit too alternative for some.
The success of superstar actress Margot Robbie is almost certainly the reason for the popularity of this marmite choice.
Some voters thought the name Agnes was just too old for a baby.
The once-popular name now divides opinion.
Opinionated Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt might have something to do with this...