YUK Records release fundraising compilation featuring Northamptonshire acts

The compilation is available now via YUK's Bandcamp page.

By David Jackson
Saturday, 5th June 2021, 4:10 pm
Updated Saturday, 5th June 2021, 4:12 pm
Flash Peasants, one of the acts who feature on Compilation #1. Photo by Jazza Media.
Flash Peasants, one of the acts who feature on Compilation #1. Photo by Jazza Media.

Artists from across the region have donated tracks to a new fundraising compilation by YUK Records.

YUK has been a familiar brand operating out of Corby for more than six years as a live events promotion company.

However, Marc Collins and Alex Horne who both run YUK have recently also established it as a record label.

Mr Collins said: “In light of the lockdowns and restrictions on live music, I found myself with extra time on my hands and I began to evaluate what I wanted to do with music moving forward.

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    “From the very beginning I had always dreamed of helping artists release their music and find new fans.

    “After years of working in the industry and in my day job as a digital marketing manager, I just felt that I now have the skill set, knowledge and lesson learnt from years of grinding to truly bring value to artists.

    “Our plan is to release music physically and digitally as well as build a thriving community of artists and fans to make one big mix pot of people who care about music.”

    Compilation #1 features tracks by Huwbergine, Vestian, Mundays, King Purple, Damon Tang, Flash Peasants, Luna Rosa and S***emare.

    Mr Collins said: “While we prospect artists for future releases we wanted to reach out to our friends and artists we have collaborated with over the years to show our intent on bringing people together to create great releases and showcase music that we personally love.

    “The first compilation is a starting point for us to build from, most of the acts are all from Corby or surrounding areas and if they don't live there now, they have at some point over the last decade and have played for us over the years.

    “We thought that there was no better way to sound out our vision and mission statement than with artists we had a mutual respect with because if they weren't on board then we would have big problems bringing in new members to the community, thankfully they all really loved the idea and even more so kindly donated a track for us to release.

    Compilation #1 costs only £1 via YUK’s Bandcamp page – but you can pay more.

    Money raised through the sales will be donated to music therapy charity, Nordoff Robbins.

    Mr Collins added: “With charity there are so many great causes that sometimes it becomes overwhelming when choosing where is the best place to raise funds for.

    “The reason we chose Nordoff Robbins is simple, they are using music to enrich the lives of people with life-limiting illness, disabilities or feelings of isolation.

    “Music has been therapy for so many people I know and Nordoff Robbins is the UK's largest independent therapy charity so it seemed to align with our goal of bringing people together with music.

    “I have been following Nordoff Robbins for some years now, I first heard about them via Enter Shikari who did some interviews and appearances for the charity plus I'm an Arsenal fan and a few years ago they had a sponsored room at Nordoff Robbins.”

    Turing to the future of the label, Mr Collins said there would be more compilations to come as well as their first physical release with “an artist we have worked with for many years.”

    Besides YUK’s presence as a record label, the pair are hoping to put on more live events, including a big end of the year show in Corby.

    Compilation #1 is available now via https://yukrecords.bandcamp.com/album/compilation-1