Pie-lovers are up in arms because tinned Fray Bentos 'contain less meat'

Horrified carnivores have blasted a British food institution online - complaining famous tinned Fray Bentos pies 'don't contain enough meat.'

The iconic tinned pies, which come in a number of flavours, have all been criticised for being 'no filling all pastry' by hungry customers - because they are less chunkier than normal.

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Disappointed consumers even claimed 'deep fill' pies were lacking filling - despite the company vowing the recipe hasn't changed.

One Amazon purchaser said: "Deep Fill? WTF?

"Fray Bentos are the sort of company that buy a 20 ft swimming pool and empty a pint of water into it.

"There was hardly any meat and mostly a tasteless gravy.

"I bought stewed steak to put under the pie crust in the end - just as well I enjoy the pie crust or it would have received a one star review."

Chicken run

Jean Ross added: "Had a chicken pie last night, and still looking for the chicken.

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"There was none - it was not even one per cent chicken, never again.

"Pastry was good, Never again."

The processed pies, made by Baxters in Scotland, have long been a cupboard staple.

But even with their low prices, consumers are still disappointed.

On consumer website A Spokesman Said, William Johnstone wrote: "I've just brought a Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie but when I opened it, half the pie was missing.

"I've never been so disappointed in my life."

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Even the piemaker's puddings came under fire from angry customers, who claimed they were also lacking meat.

Where's the beef?

Catherine Holden said: "I bought two meaty puds, was really looking forward to them, what a let down.

"The suet was really thick and heavy, I know it can't be like homemade but where was the meat?

"I had a few very small pieces of kidney and the rest was just gravy with some very small bits except for the large piece of very nasty fat.

"Apart from that, the flavour was nice."

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A spokesperson for Baxters said: "Fray Bentos takes pride in providing affordable meals for millions of customers every year.

"We believe our pies deliver great value for money, with the same great taste that has made them a family favourite for over 60 years.

"We do, however, take all customer feedback seriously."

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