Eight ways to take the stress out of family holiday car journeys

As hopes of foreign holidays are shelved Brits have been offered eight road trip tips to help make staycation journeys as stress-free as possible.

Few families actually look forward to long road trips as they can be hectic, especially if impatient children are involved.

From squabbling in the back, to traffic jams, to the feeling of being cooped up in a confined space for a long time, long car journeys can quickly turn into a trip along the road to hell.

And that’s before you add in things like the sat-nav running out of battery at just the wrong moment.

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    But with proper preparation and planning, journeys can be kept stress-free and even enjoyable.

    And research has now been done to help families find the keys to a successful long road trip and ensure holidays don’t start - or end - on the wrong foot thanks to the car.

    A spokesman for the researchers said: “British families are facing foreign travel restrictions this summer so many are looking to locations closer to home to spend a well-earned break.

    “We’re lucky in that households are never more than a few hours’ drive from many popular UK holiday destinations.

    “But sometimes the prospect of that drive can be anxiety-inducing, especially for larger families who’ll be cramped in a single car”.

    Continued the spokesman: “Keeping everyone in the car happy for the duration will create a much lighter atmosphere, and ensure your staycation gets off to the best start.”

    These are the top tips for staycation road trips.


    Clean your car thoroughly before your trip.

    Travelling in a fresh, clean vehicle will be much more enjoyable.


    Peppermint is a natural pick-me-up which can help keep drivers - and passengers - awake and alert.


    No road trip is complete without snacks to prevent grumbling tummies and passengers getting hangry.

    Make sure you have plenty of water and drinks to stay hydrated too.

    BreaksTaking regular breaks if you’re on a long journey is essential.

    Not only will it help the driver stay focused and concentrate but it’s simply a great way to stretch your legs, let children run off steam, and take toilet stops.

    PlaylistCreate a dedicated road trip playlist, including passengers’ favourite songs, to help pass the time.

    Rubbish bagsA pile of rubbish is bound to start piling up if the whole family is spending a long time in the car with snacks and drinks.

    Prepare some bags to take with you to keep the car tidy. Remember to keep any recyclable packaging separate!


    Keep a bag full of essentials to hand, containing items such as wet wipes, tissues and hand sanitiser.


    Draw out your route on a good, old fashioned road map before you set off, and you’ll be covered if your GPS device batteries run out of charge.

    It will also allow children to visualise how much of the journey is left, to stop them distracting the driver with the inevitable ‘are we nearly there yet?’ questions.

    The car travel research was carried out by car rental comparison site StressFreeCarRental.com