Stanwick pupils tackling climate change are top of Planet Super League

Damon Fox from Northampton Town Football Club present the trophyDamon Fox from Northampton Town Football Club present the trophy
Damon Fox from Northampton Town Football Club present the trophy
The students score goals for their teams fighting climate change

Schools competing in a football-inspired climate change-busting competition have found out who has finished top of the league and picked up the silverware.

Nene Education Trust school Stanwick Primary School have been crowned champions of the Schools versus Climate Change (SvCC) competition to raise awareness of climate change.

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Damon Fox from Northampton Town Football Club visited the school to present the trophy to the proud winners.

The pupils raise the trophyThe pupils raise the trophy
The pupils raise the trophy

Acting principalS tephanie Awbery said: "We are so proud of our pupils and the energy and fun they have brought to this project.

"They have been very competitive and engaged in working together to score points that have then had a direct impact on saving our planet.

"The children have been creative and have been making vegan meals, hugging trees and insulating their lofts at home, and this has caused a stir across our school. We are absolutely delighted to have won the league and are looking forward to the next round."

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In an attempt to engage primary school aged children in the fight against climate change, Planet Super League challenges schools to complete activities that will a positive impact on these issues. Activities completed result in goals which equate to trees planted and CO2 saved.

Pupils celebrate the winPupils celebrate the win
Pupils celebrate the win

After six weeks of schools battling it out to save the planet and climb the SvCC table the final whistle has blown, the goals verified by VAR and the SvCC champions were announced Stanwick Primary Academy.

Kicking off in January 2022, the first schools competition has seen pupils, teachers and families across the UK completing green activities, scoring goals and most importantly learning about how to live more sustainably.

More than 33,000 activities have been completed, more than 72,000 goals scored and the combined efforts mean that Planet Super League players have saved 161,272kg of CO2 emissions - that’s the equivalent to planting 9,216 trees.

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After an incredible whole school effort, Stanwick Primary School held off fellow trust school St Peters CE in Raunds and scored an incredible 11,193 goals.

Pupils at Stanwick saved 30,359 kg of CO2, equivalent to planting 1,730 trees, and have saved enough CO2 to fill five football pitches with mature adult trees.

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