Now a HOUSE collapses in Corby after heavy rain

Part of a seventeenth century Grade II listed farmhouse in Corby has fallen down.

Friday, 14th June 2019, 3:46 pm
The damage on the outside of the fallen-down wall

The tenants, one of whom has lived in the house for six decades since he was just eight, were miraculously not in the house when a rear wall fell down yesterday (Thursday, June 13) afternoon.

Amazingly, they slept inside the former Rockingham Forest hunting lodge last night as normal as they had no alternative accommodation.

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The damage on the outside of the fallen-down wall

One of the tenants of the farmhouse , a teacher, left for work as normal with the house intact at 2.45pm and at 3.45pm when her farmer husband returned, he found that the solid stone exterior wall had fallen down.

The grade II-listed Weldon Lodge Farm House in Gretton Road stood in its own farmland for centuries until it was purchased by Rockingham Speedway and the farmland used for the motor racing track.

The agricultural tenants remained in the farm then, five years ago, major groundworks began to build the 5,000-home Priors Hall development right on their doorstep.

Last year, puzzling trenches began to appear in their front garden and then huge cracks opened up in the walls of the front part of the house.

Cracks opened up in the mullion windows a year ago

But yesterday's catastrophic collapse of the rear of the house will mean that they cannot stay there - at least in the short-term.

One of the tenants, who did not wish to be named said: "I left for work at 2.45pm and by 3.45pm my husband came back and it was down.

"That's how lucky we were.

"It could have been the end for us.

The damage can be seen at the back of the house in Gretton Road

"The landlord sent someone out to shore it up at the side and they've put props on the inside of the house to save the roof from falling in.

"We didn't want to stay there last night but an architect friend of mine said the front of the house was safe.

"All our stuff is still inside. We only have the clothes we are standing in.

"We are hoping that the landlords will find us suitable accommodation while it's fixed."

Beautiful Weldon Lodge Farmhouse has been standing since the 1600s

The rear of the house has the bathroom and kitchen in it and is inaccessible due to the collapse.

"We'd noticed trenches appearing in the garden but nothing was done about them.

"Then there have been cracks in the main bit of the house for a year but we didn't think this would happen.

"We have lost some things but we're OK and that's the most important thing to me."

Rockingham Speedway's owners have been contacted for comment.

Some of the damage at Weldon Lodge Farm House
The other side of the house has heavy-duty props holding it up