Fire crew saves Kettering resident who got arm stuck in letterbox

They'd locked themselves out of their own home...

It was an embarrassing morning for one person!
It was an embarrassing morning for one person!

A Kettering resident was left red-faced on Thursday morning - after a fire crew had to free their arm from a letterbox.

After appearing to lock themselves out, the householder had put their arm through the door just before 12.45am.

But to their embarrassment it became stuck and they couldn't get it out again, resulting in a bizarre call to the county's fire service.

A fire crew quickly attended and quickly freed them.

A Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman was unable to confirm where in Kettering incident took place or any further details at this stage.

A tweet by the county's fire service about the incident proved popular on social media.

One person who responded, Sean King, jokingly suggested the person involved may have been an "inexperienced postman".

Another, Marc Webber, said: "Tweet of the day..."