Northants Telegraph Big Fat Quiz of 2021 - the answers

How many did you get right?

Friday, 31st December 2021, 4:13 pm
Quiz of the year

We hope you enjoyed our quiz about stories which made headlines in Northamptonshire this year.

Here's the answers - let us know how you got on!

1. B) carrots

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Making sure they had their five-a-day was worth it as a trip for carrots ended up winning them £120,000. Read all about it here.

2. C) 11.22pm

It was a crazy evening for the Poppies as the match finished just 38 minutes short of midnight. Read our coverage here.

3. A) hand sanitiser

Specialists had to be called in to clear it from the road! Click here to read all about it.

4. B) baked beans

Gross, but it caused a Twitter storm. Read about it here.

5. D) oboe

Is there anything Prof Gilbert can't do? Read our profile of her here when she first started work on the vaccine.

6. B) Jacinda Ardern

The New Zealand Prime Minister took time from her busy schedule to make KGH's Dione cry tears of happiness. Here's our story on it.

7. A) Spaghetti hoops

Yes, he really did send a tin of food instead of an iPhone. Click here to read about the court case.

8. B) 60

The Tories romped to victory at the first NNC election. Here's all the results.

9. A) 0-0

It was a drab goalless draw, with more entertainment in the Corby pubs than on the pitch at Wembley. Here's our picture special from the night.

10. D) The wedding rings

It had to be the rings! Thankfully their problem was solved just in time. Click here to read about it.

11. C) Rhubarb

Corby residents told us they thought it tasted of strawberry, melted boiled sweets and even pepper - but not rhubarb. See what they said here.

12. C) Back flip 360

13. A) £4.95

£4.95 we will never get back, as well. Read our review of the pizza here.

14. D) Edward

The Queen's youngest son visited Kettering to thank the Corona Kitchen team. Read about his visit here.

15. A) His trampoline

It was a little bit windy that day! Click here to read about the 'tornado'.

16. C) Steak and ale

Their pies have won rave reviews. Read about their success here.

17. D) Powerlifting

Mr Fraher was top of his class as he gave his rivals a lesson in powerlifting. Click here to read all about him.

18. C) £29,750

It was a handy Christmas bonus for Brian. Read about the auction here.