Eight Limb Entertainment team discuss latest release and future plans

Mig “The music scene here is fantastic and needs exposure, we’re just happy to be part of it.”

By David Jackson
Monday, 24th January 2022, 3:44 pm
Ian Smith and Paul Faulkner from Eight Limb Entertainment.
Ian Smith and Paul Faulkner from Eight Limb Entertainment.

After enduring the delays caused by the global manufacturing production of vinyl, the third record by Eight Limb Entertainment has finally been released.

Pressed on a vivid magenta, Sarpa Salpa’s EP A Feeling You Can’t Replace is the latest release by the Northampton label.

And although the physical release followed months after the digital version, both band and label are simply happy the record is finally working its way to turntables.

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Ian ‘Mig’ Smith, from Eight Limb Entertainment, said: “Were absolutely delighted with the record, it looks great.

“The artwork by the band is fantastic and the magenta is amazing.

“We couldn't have been happier when Sarpa Salpa said ‘yes’ to the idea of us releasing their EP on vinyl.

“This was all on the cusp of when delays really started to impact vinyl and unfortunately the release was pushed back twice. The original date was meant to be July 2021 but we finally got the records at the end of last year.”

Mig is joined in Eight Limb Entertainment by his partner Zara Bradshaw, Paul Faulkner and Adrian ‘Nonny’ Armishaw.

Their third release follows another 12” of Rolling Thunder’s EP The Nightshop and a 7” of Baby Lung’s single Falling / Casualty.

The label, which also promotes across Northampton, approached Rolling Thunder after picking them as support act for a past gig.

Mr Faulkner said: “Rolling Thunder are great young lads and they just seem to energize people when they perform live.

“Likewise with Baby lung, we think they're really sophisticated for quite a young band.”

Eight Limb Entertainment isn’t the first-time members have been involved in the county’s music scene

“Three of us are from ancient Northampton bands,” explains Mig.

“We were part of the music scene back in the 80s and 90s. We’ve gone away, lived our lives a bit, came back and wanted to dig into the scene again.

“We were really impressed when we started looking properly.”

Mig and Paul played in a band together in the 1980s called Plastic Infidel and were part of a wider collective called Hostile Environment.

“We put on gigs, people like The Happy Mondays in 1987 at the Roadmender and CUD,” explains Mr Faulkner.

“We were doing a fair bit, some tours and universities and were reasonably active for a few years.”

Mig adds Eight Limb Entertainment’s plan is a relatively simple one – to showcase some of the county’s emerging talent and helping bands release music on vinyl.

Inspired by iconic labels such as Factory Records, Mig said: “If you look at the labels and bands we loved, they didn't sign people to formal contracts.

“We’ll work with bands to produce ‘X’ number of records and we will produce and distribute the best we can.

“At the point where we've covered our costs, we then share any profit 50/50.

“We’re hoping to rule out a certain amount of risk from bands producing vinyl.

The closure of the Soundhaus in 2008 had a significant impact on Northampton’s music scene and the number of national touring acts playing in the town.

While the Roadmender has continued to attract those capable of filling its main room, many lamented the loss of the venue.

However, Mig feels almost 15 years since its closure, Northampton’s music scene is again going from strength to strength and attracting acts back to the town.

“We have an incredible music scene in Northampton,” he begins.

“We’ve all seen venues come and go over the years but since the closure of the Soundhaus, it only feels now the effort is truly being made by people like Phil Moore at The Black Prince to bring back that sort of level of band and also get local acts supporting.”

Eight Limb Entertainment co-promoted 2020’s gig by Working Men’s Club with Mr Moore from SBD Promotions and brought Girls In Synthesis to The Lab in November which attracted fans from across the country to Northampton for the sold out show.

Turning to their plans for 2022, Mig and Paul explained there’s already a list of local acts Eight Limb would like to work with and discussions are already underway with some.

However, vinyl production timescales may impact when their fourth release arrives.

Mig said: “At the moment the reality is pressing vinyl is difficult because you're talking about a nine-month run in.

“If you're talking two to four months, which is what it used to be, it’d be more realistic and we’d be able to co-ordinate physical and digital releases much easier. It will get better though and the delays will be evened out.

“The music scene here is fantastic and needs exposure, we’re just happy to be part of it.”

A Feeling You Can’t Replace is available now directly via Sarpa Salpa, Spinadisc Records online and Spun Out in Gold Street.

For more information about Eight Limb Entertainment, visit https://eightlimbentertainment.com