These are the top 10 most paying influencer sectors

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Monty Don, presenter of BBC’s Gardeners’ World, has been revealed as the most bankable gardening influencer on Instagram.

New research, analysing just how much top influencers can earn by posting about their favourite hobby, found that the horticulturist and broadcaster could earn an average of £3,570 for sponsored posts.

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That’s 58 per cent more than the next top earner, Darryl Cheng, who could pocket around £2,254 for a sponsored Instagram post. 

On average, the 10 most popular gardening influencers could earn £1,352 per paid post on Instagram.

While gardening influencers are certainly growing in popularity, the research commissioned by Simply Paving has revealed that fitness influencers are leading the way when it comes to earning potentials on Instagram. 

Using data from Influencer Marketing Hub, the paving specialists analysed the estimated earnings of 10 of the most popular influencers across 10 different influencer categories, including gardening, to determine the most valuable type of influencer. 

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Different types of influencers

The research found that fitness influencers were far and away the highest earning type of influencers on Instagram, averaging almost £20,000 per sponsored post.

Only home improvement influencers were estimated to earn less than gardening influencers from sponsored posts, averaging earnings of £1,247 per post.

Despite having the lowest average earnings, home improvement influencers have the most interactions from their followers, boasting an average engagement rate of 3.29%.

Along with beauty and automotive influencers, this high engagement rate could suggest a high audience growth potential for home improvement influencers, showcasing the high enthusiasm of those audiences.

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Food and fitness influencers have the lowest engagement rates, averaging 0.47 per cent and 0.9 per cent per post, respectively.

Yousuf Ismail, Digital Lead at Simply Paving, commented: “It’s inspiring to see how successful both novice and seasoned gardeners can become on social media, just by posting pictures of their personal gardening projects.

“Though their Instagram earnings might not quite compare to other types of popular influencers, there is so much potential for success with this social media platform, helping people turn a hobby into an illustrious career.

“What’s more, not only do gardening influencers offer useful tips and advice for people looking to get the most out of their outdoor space, they also are helping to build online communities of like-minded people.

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“We certainly cannot wait to see what the next generation of gardening creators post onto our Instagram feeds.”

For further insights into how to transform your own garden, visit the Simply Paving Advice Centre.

Top 10 influencer sectors ranked by estimated earnings 

  1. Fitness - £19,970 per post 

  2. Beauty - £9,394 per post

  3. Fashion - £7,394 per post 

  4. Automotive - £5,198 per post

  5. Travel - £4,795 per post

  6. Food - £4,562 per post

  7. Cleaning - £3,409 per post

  8. Parenting - £2,272 per post

  9. Garden - £1,352 per post

  10. Home improvement - £1,247 per post

Top 10 highest paid gardening influencers ranked by estimated earnings

  1. Monty Don (@themontydon) - £3,570 per post 

  2. Darryl Cheng (@houseplantjournal) - £2,254 per post 

  3. Darryl Cheng (@bakercreekseeds) - £1,803 per post 

  4. Deanna (@deannacat3) - £1,328 per post 

  5. Kevin (@epicgardening) - £1,088 per post

  6. Nicole Burke (@gardenaryco) - £1,037 per post 

  7. Charles Dowding (@charles_dowding) - £844 per post 

  8. Niki Jabbour (@nikijabbour) - £716 per post 

  9. Humans Who Grow Food (@humanswhogrowfood) - £570 per post 

  10. Dan Pearson (@coyotewillow) - £308 per post