Corby driver ‘furious’ that flooded road was not closed after her car is written off

A woman from Corby has said she is furious that roads known to regularly flood was not closed during heavy rain on Tuesday (October 1).

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 11:30 pm
Oakley Road was also flooded at its junction with Gainsborough road

Tracy Rosser was driving down Gainsborough Road on her way home from work when her Ford Focus became submerged just past Hazel Leys Academy.

Water damage in the engine has written the car off.

She said: “What I went through [on Tuesday] was horrendous. We have had this problem for years, they know exactly where it floods.

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“That road should have been blocked off.

“It happens every year.”

Tracy said she normally cannot drive down that route when the road is flooded because it usually gets cornered off.

She therefore did not think the road would be that bad and said: “It didn’t look that deep, otherwise I would not have attempted to go through it.

“I was not the only person who drove through.

“When I got out of my car I was up to my calves.”

Tracy said the whole experience was made worse by some women videoing the ordeal, and when she objected to their filming she claims the women swore at her.

Tracy’s car had to be towed away and the garage told her that it would have to be written off if the water had damaged the engine.

Tracy said today (October 3) that the car has now been been written off.

The teaching assistant suffers from a spinal condition called cervical spondylosis which affects the spinal discs and Tracy said it causes her pain and numbness and she is on painkillers.

She said: “I am in severe pain every single day, I need my car.

“I go to work every day but I struggle every day.”

Tracy had to walk home from work, a walk which takes her 40 minutes and is difficult with her spine condition.

Tracy said she had rung the council to complain, and said: “I said, 'I am not taking it out on you, but I am furious and that road should have been shut'.

“She said she didn’t have the facility to take the complaint for me, I had to email it in.

“What do I pay my council tax for?”

Tracy said she wants someone to take responsibility for the fact Gainsborough Road was not shut.

“It was negligence really, it should have been closed off,” she said.