Plans unveiled for new police hub in Northampton town centre

Weston Favell station to be sold off and replaced by new neighbourhood base with more officers

By Kevin Nicholls
Thursday, 25th February 2021, 7:11 am

Campbell Square will be restored as Northampton's main police hub under a plan to focus funding on front-line services revealed today (Thursday).

Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue HQ is also moving to Wellingborough in an effort to streamline office space occupied by the two emergency services.

The current Fire HQ at Moulton Park and Northampton's police response base at Weston Favell are earmarked to be sold off as part of the scheme announced by Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner Stephen Mold.

Stephen Mold's plan will create a new policing response hub in Northampton town centre

Chief Fire Officer Darren Dovey and Chief Constable Nick Adderley both welcomed the measures, which also include:

■ A neighbourhood police base created in Weston Favell.

■ Northamptonshire's Fire HQ will be the refurbished Darby House, which is lined up to to be shared with the police.

■ A new garage and workshop in Earls Barton to maintain both police and fire vehicles.

Chief Constable Nick Adderley and Chief Fire Officer Darren Dovey have both welcomed the scheme

■ Earls Barton's small retained fire station incorporated into the new workshop site while the current building in the village centre is sold.

■ Future plans to develop fire stations at Daventry and Towcester into shared buildings and selling off nearby police stations.

Mr Mold said: ”The needs of the community and the aim to provide the best standard of policing are the top considerations when making decisions about the estate.

"But I also have a duty to the public to ensure that we spend the least money possible on buildings and focus on the people and services that keep the county safe."

Work is under way to transform Campbell Square — which was Northampton's main police station until the 90s — into the town's flagship hub with a new public enquiries desk by the end of this year.

The existing 40-year-old Weston Favell station is no longer fit for purpose and bringing it up to scratch would cost more than the building is worth.

Going forward, Weston Favell will be served by a new neighbourhood base as part of a renewed focus on local policing backed up by extra officers on the beat.

Darby House, a two-storey office block on Wellingborough's Park Farm industrial estate, is set to accommodate 500 police and fire staff and serve as the Fire & Rescue Service HQ.

Mr Mold added: “We have more police officers than ever before and have been able to expand neighbourhood policing teams. Our police and fire buildings need to put neighbourhood officers in the heart of the community and to be shared, so that they cost taxpayers the least money possible.”

Chief Fire Officer Darren Dovey said: “Sharing buildings and stations with the Police, such as our new headquarters at Darby House and various stations around the county, will also help to drive more joint working for the benefit of the community.

"This makes absolute sense for the people of this county."

Chief Constable Nick Adderley said: “This is a once in a generation opportunity to relocate our response teams into the heart of a high priority area, which accounts for a significant amount of the whole county’s crime, and put our resources where they need to be to focus on tackling crime and keeping people safe.”