European elections: How East Northamptonshire voted

The Brexit Party made it a clean sweep across the north of the county after claiming the most votes in East Northamptonshire.

By Sam Wildman
Sunday, 26th May 2019, 11:11 pm
Results are being declared in Kettering.
Results are being declared in Kettering.

The party aiming solely to get the UK out of the EU claimed 10,958 votes, twice the Liberal Democrats' tally in second.

Labour came fifth, behind the Conservatives and Greens.

Earlier tonight (Sunday) The Brexit Party claimed landslide wins in Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough.

The total result for the East Midlands will be announced later.


Change UK - The Independent Group: 881 votes

Conservative and Unionist Party: 3,510 votes

Green Party: 2,624 votes

Independent Network: 98 votes

Labour Party: 1,784 votes

Liberal Democrats: 5,328 votes

The Brexit Party: 10,958 votes

UKIP: 1,235 votes

Simon Louis Rood - Independent: 106 votes

Turnout was 38.63 per cent with 179 rejected ballots.