What to do in Wellingborough and Rushden in 2024 - Discover the gems as MP Gen Kitchen launches Visit Wellingborough campaign

Have we missed any?

New MP, Gen Kitchen, gave her maiden speech in Parliament today, using the time to launch the new Visit Wellingborough initiative.

The address, given in the House of Commons this afternoon, hoped to shine a light on what sets the constituency apart, and why it is worth paying a visit to.

In the speech, Gen said it was a ‘vital topic which came up a lot in the campaign.’

She said: “Wellingborough is not just a constituency but a tapestry of diverse voices, experiences and aspirations, from the streets of our market towns to the tranquil countryside that surrounds.

"Each corner of the constituency tells a story resilience, ingenuity, and community spirit.

"As part of my commitment and economic pledge to the constituents in Wellingborough in the coming months, expect me to bang the drum for our town centres and our High Streets, and encourage more tourists and members to the area.

"For a great Saturday you can visit Irvin’s speciality tea shop, wine from the Wine Chateau. You could visit Rushden and Diamonds football, and support community football, which is a great Saturday out.

"If history is your thing then the constituency is steeped in history, with buildings from the Jacobean, Elizabethan and Carolean eras.”

Gen goes on the mention the significance of the Hind Hotel in Wellingborough and the Higham Ferrers’ town charter.

In the speech, she gave credit to community organisations like Off the Streets, the Victoria Centre, the Daylight Centre and Serve in Rushden, insisting the latter has ‘stepped in to ensure the elderly and disabled can get to doctor and hospital appointments now that the bus services are lacking and urgent care is challenging.’

The short, maiden speech was just a glimpse at the charming, interesting or exciting things that are happening in the boundaries of the Wellingborough constituency, so here are a few more.