Test your knowledge with the Northants Telegraph's Big Fat Quiz of 2021

Quiz of the yearQuiz of the year
Quiz of the year
How well do you remember events which made headlines around the county?

Another year is about to come to an end - but how much of it can you remember?

The Northants Telegraph has put together a quiz to test your knowledge of our stories which made headlines in 2021.

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Here's 18 questions - click here to find the answers once you've completed the quiz. Let us know how many you get right!

1. Cogenhoe couple Martin Gilbey and Tracy Priest scooped £120,000 on the EuroMillions in January, but only because they were missing something for their Sunday roast. Martin bought the ticket to meet the minimum card payment at a shop - but what vegetable did he go to the shop to buy?

a) potatoes

b) carrots

c) broccoli

d) sprouts

2. Kettering Town FC were dumped out of the FA Trophy in January after a bizarre evening in Leamington. They finished with eight men and the floodlights failed. The game kicked off at 7.45pm - but at what ridiculous time was the full-time whistle eventually blown?

a) 10.36pm

b) 10.59pm

c) 11.22pm

d) 11.48pm

3. A nine-hour clean-up took place in February after a lorry spilled liquid all over the A509 near Wellingborough - but what was it?

a) hand sanitiser

b) gin

c) gravy

d) petrol

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4. Weetabix really took the biscuit with a February social media post after a controversial serving suggestion for their breakfast cereal - but what horrifying topping did they pair with it?

a) pineapple chunks

b) baked beans

c) pepperoni

d) coleslaw

5. In March Kettering's own Professor Sarah Gilbert, who created the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, had her achievements marked with a stone in the town's historical timeline. She went to Kettering High School for Girls - but what instrument did she play in the school's orchestra?

a) flute

b) violin

c) trumpet

d) oboe

6. KGH nurse Dione Rogers was stunned after receiving a personal letter in March from her idol. Which political figure took the time to write to her to congratulate her on her work?

a) Donald Trump

b) Jacinda Ardern

c) Tony Blair

d) Angela Merkel

7. In April a con artist from Broughton was jailed after scamming countless people online. One person bought an iPhone from him - but what item with a similar weight did he send to them in the post instead?

a) a tin of spaghetti hoops

b) a tub of hair wax

c) a bar of Dairy Milk

d) a TV remote

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8. At the North Northamptonshire Council elections in May the Conservatives swept to victory, winning by a whopping majority. How many of the 78 seats did they win? We're looking for the number at the time of the election, not the number now.

a) 55

b) 60

c) 65

d) 70

9. It was a big night for Corby in June as England faced Scotland at Euro 2020. Pubs around the town were split with hundreds belting out the Flower of Scotland or Three Lions, depending on their allegiance. What was the final score?

a) 0-0

b) 1-1

c) 2-2

d) 3-3

10. Staying in June, one Raunds couple almost had a pre-wedding nightmare after something quite important for their big day became trapped in a safe. Thankfully the safe was opened after help from a man in Stanwick - but what wedding item were they almost missing?

a) the bride's veil

b) everybody's menu choices

c) keys to the bridal car

d) the wedding rings

11. In July we hit Corby's George Street to find out what people thought the town's favourite soft drink - Irn-Bru - tasted of. Which was these was NOT an answer we were given?

a) strawberry

b) melted boiled sweets

c) rhubarb

d) pepper

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12. The north of the county tasted Olympic and Paralympic glory at the Tokyo Games in the summer. Corby's Charlotte Worthington made history as she won gold in the women's freestlye BMX competition, completing a trick never seen before. What was it?

a) front flip 540

b) triple side kick

c) back flip 360

d) bunny hop

13. Still in August, we tested a new pizza vending machine in Kettering's Newlands Shopping Centre. It was rank - but how much were we charged for the 'three cheese' monstrosity?

a) £4.95

b) £6.50

c) £2.50

d) £1.99

14. Kettering's Corona Kitchen team was given the Royal seal of approval in September after making sure nobody went hungry in the pandemic. Which Prince visited them to thank them for their efforts?

a) Charles

b) William

c) Andrew

d) Edward

15. In October a 'tornado' left a path of destruction across the county. Corby resident Tomasz Brezezniski saw something fly into his neighbour's garden. What was it?

a) his trampoline

b) a rose bush

c) a parasol

d) his BBQ

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16. Still in October, we reported that Wellingborough's Billington Foods had won 'best pub pie' at the British Pie Awards. What filling did their winning pie have?

a) chicken and mushroom

b) chicken balti

c) steak and ale

d) vegan cheese and onion

17. Kettering teacher Stephen Fraher became a world champion in November - but what in?

a) tiddlywinks

b) chess

c) go-karting

d) powerlifting

18. And finally in December, Kettering's Brian Marshall sold his collection of 4,000 whisky miniatures and memorabilia, which he had collected despite not even liking the taste. How much money did the collection make?

a) £9,750

b) £19,750

c) £29,750

d) £39,750