SIX bedroom HMO plan for this semi-detached Corby home

The house currently has three bedrooms - the owners want to double that number

By Kate Cronin
Friday, 11th June 2021, 5:14 am
Updated Friday, 11th June 2021, 8:27 am
This is the house that developers want to convert into a six-bed HMO

The new owners of a three-bedroom semi-detached house in Pen Green Lane, Corby, have asked for permission to turn it into a six-bed house of multiple occupancy.

Neighbours say they are unhappy at the proposals which they believe could cause parking issues in the quiet street.

Internal work has already begun at the three-storey property, where it is proposed there will be an extension behind the garage, creating two new bedrooms. The lounge will also become a bedroom, leaving residents with a communal kitchen.

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Almost all the floor space in the three-storey home would be given over to bedrooms if the plans are passed

One resident has already objected to the plans, which were submitted last Friday (June 4).

Their statement to North Northamptonshire planners says: "This property is timber framed built, and does not lend itself to be converted for HMO We have parking and access problems now. We work well with Pen Green Centre, but since the police have tightened the drop off for Rockingham Road school parents bring their children into Pen Green to drop them off and three times a day it is like Piccadilly Circus here.

"We are also very family oriented and to allow transient accommodations will spoil the area and with only two parking spaces, where will occupants leave their cars?"

Antnother resident spoke to the Northants Telegraph about their worries over the scheme, saying that he had concerns over the number of bedrooms and parking.

Internal work has already begun at the house which is just a few metres away from Pen Green Nursery.

The planning application is for change of use to an HMO, conversion of the garage to a bedroom and a small extension at the rear. There is no intention to add to the existing two car parking spaces. The company behind it is London-based Prolyst Partners Ltd.

You can view the application and comment on it here.