Nine-person HMO in quiet Corby street has had an 'enormous impact' on neighbours

"We are now sandwiched between two multiple occupancy properties"

By Kate Cronin
Friday, 24th January 2020, 6:00 am
The house has already been used as an HMO for some time
The house has already been used as an HMO for some time

A landlord has formally applied for a family house to be turned into an HMO for nine people - just two doors down from a similar six-person property.

Applicant Nebahat Molla has asked licensing officers at Corby Council to allow her to convert the house in Blake Road into an HMO. It has already been being used to house different tenants for some time, but the law changed last year to force landlords to apply to their local councils they had three or more tenants forming two or more families living in one property.

There are now 222 official HMOs in Corby although officials believe that number could be much bigger. Many are already being operated as HMOs while the application process is under way.

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Neighbours in Blake Road and adjacent Shannon Court have objected to the blueprints.

One family living nearby says they have been in their house for forty years and that the HMO has had an 'enormous impact' on their life.

They say that an outbuilding that was put up didn't initially comply with planning regulations and it took many objections from local people for the work to be corrected.

The objection continues: "There seems to have been an endless stream of occupants coming and going during that time, certainly more than was stated on any planning applications.

"This has created several issues for ourselves and had an enormous impact on our home and family life.

"Noise levels from the property have on several occasions resulted in us visiting the property to complain and request they turn their music down.

"Parking has become a major problem for long term residents, ourselves included.

"The parking area has now become a car park for cars left by owners of multiple occupancy residences who do not live in the houses these spaces were created for.

"Vehicles are left for weeks at a time before being moved.

"We are now sandwiched between two multiple occupancy properties.

"The noise levels from outdoor activities in the summer can go on until late in the evening.

"We have always enjoyed our garden and now, recently retired, had hoped to make the most of it."

A second objection says: "We feel the volume of people living there is already too much in terms of noise, many different people coming and going and smoking on the street.

"There is frequently misuse of, and overspilling garbage in the street, not to mention dumping of household goods which are already a nuisance and are bringing down the standard of the area."

The applicant says there will be four car parking spaces and six cycle spaces. Local people say that these parking spaces are already taken up by the owners' own cars.

CBC's environmental health officers said they had no comments to make on the applications. Highways officers highlighted that there were more car parking spaces needed for the number of residents and asked for further details about the property before they could make a formal comment.

You can comment on the application on Corby Council's website.