Irthlingborough business owner urges firms to support mental health charities with November donations

Danny Vassiliou has struggled with anxiety and wants to ensure help is available

An Irthlingborough businessman who struggled with anxiety so badly that he was unable to attend his son's school play has urged county firms to rally to help mental health charities.

Danny Vassiliou, owner of Reactive Plus, would like businesses up and down the UK to go the extra mile in supporting local and national charities and organisations in the fight against mental illnesses for the whole month of November.

His company will donate five per cent of his November sales profits to mental health charities with businesses being encouraged to make a one-off donation, or put on an event to raise money and awareness.

Mr Vassiliou said: "I suffered from quite severe anxiety for a number of years. I turned to CBD oil as a solution and it helped so much that I ended up forging my own CBD company.

"My experience of anxiety has allowed me to see the unseen suffering many in this country go through daily. It isn't nice and can be very debilitating. I was not able to sit in a crowded room to watch my son's plays at his school for example.

"There are a lot of national and local charities and organisations that really offer important help to those suffering from anxiety or depression.

"They are constantly short of volunteers and funds with which to carry out meetings and, often, chats that can help stabilise someone who may well be having a really hard time.

Danny Vassiliou

"I think it would be great if businesses could target this charity area at least once a month, helping communities strengthen support for those suffering from mental health issues."

The father-of-two would like people to donate as much as possible during November and he thinks that lockdown will cause far more incidents of mental health issues.

He said: "I think we might be having an epidemic of suicide. I noticed that amongst people down my local pub that a few I wouldn't have suspected were talking more about the impact of lockdown on their mental health, how it was enhancing their own feelings of depression.

"It made me think just how much worse the mental health problem is due to Covid lockdowns and restrictions."

Business owners are being asking to use this logo

Businesses can download a logo to show that they have supported the November campaign financially and to raise awareness

Mr Vassiliou added: "I understand movements like this can take time to get off the ground, but I am hoping the fact I am asking for small donations can help encourage a wider response from businesses wanting to showcase their support for what we are doing.

"I would love to see this go national and have companies across the country donating to local and national mental health charities and organisations.

"Simply support the cause by sharing or showing the logo and bringing awareness to the cause is incredibly helpful."