Disappointment as wait for traffic enforcement cameras at Kettering rat run goes on

“There needs to be a deterrent or they will just carry on doing it.”
Newland Street is a pedestrian and cycle zoneNewland Street is a pedestrian and cycle zone
Newland Street is a pedestrian and cycle zone

Those who have called for ‘win-win’ cameras to catch motorists illegally using a Kettering rat run say the long wait for them is disappointing.

Newland Street is a pedestrian and cycle zone and vehicles are banned except buses, taxis and loading lorries, but hundreds of motorists use it as a cut-through.

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Bus gate enforcement cameras in Wellingborough have raked in hundreds of thousands of pounds and similar ANPR systems are set to be installed in Corby’s George Street.

But North Northamptonshire Council say they won’t consider other areas, including Newland Street, until the Corby cameras are up-and-running next year.

Derek Bradshaw was almost hit by a driver as he crossed Newland Street last year and said it is an accident waiting to happen. He said his judo reflexes and years of gym training may have saved his life when he jumped out of the path of an Audi – and he wants cameras to be installed sooner rather than later.

He said: "A lot of drivers just do not care but it’s been going on that long you start to wonder if it will ever change.

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"People don’t just toddle down there, they go along at 30mph and you have to be really careful.

“It’s a bit disappointing really. There needs to be a deterrent or they will just carry on doing it.”

Cllr Anne Lee (Lab, Windmill) said it is disappointing that the installation of no entry enforcement cameras is still some time off.

She added: “It is a win-win prospect to safeguard pedestrians in Newland Street while collecting fines from drivers who have been flouting the no entry sign with impunity.”

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Cllr Matt Binley (Con, Brickhill and Queensway), North Northamptonshire Council’s executive member for highways, travel and assets, said: “Our focus at present is getting the Corby cameras installed and working.

"Once we have achieved this, we will move our focus on to considering other locations, including Newland Street, which would be subject to a future executive paper.

“Preliminary traffic assessments would begin as soon as our work programme permits.”