Corby's Butterwick ready to bake even more Instagrammable treats - and they're also opening a Kettering branch

The family-owned business has boomed in the 18 months since they opened

Friday, 16th April 2021, 1:41 pm

A family-owned bakery that started from a Corby couple's kitchen table is set to expand production of cakes, cookies, brownies and doughnuts and will open a new outlet in Kettering.

Corby born and bred Ryan and Fiona Scarborough opened the doors to their new shop in September 2019 and the bakery and coffee shop business has gone from strength to strength.

Last year, Butterwick added a seating area for customers outside their Rockingham Road shop, signed up to three major home-delivery app companies and added a website to satisfy demand for their mouth-watering sweet treats further afield.

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Butterwick are bringing their brand to Kettering

Building work has already begun on to convert a former vet's next to their original Butterwick Bakery and coffee shop and they are about to finalise the deal on the Market Place premises in Kettering.

Owner Ryan Scarborough said: "We're massively excited. This is what we've been working for we want to be a household name and we're flying the flag for Corby.

"We're going to be able to increase our production and we are going to replicate what we have here at our Corby shop in Kettering."

Starting out with just Ryan and Fiona making, baking and serving in the shop, Butterwick now employs three full-time bakers and four shop staff.

Butterwick will open in Kettering l-r Louise Reay and Annaliese Brown

With the expansion of the business, they will be recruiting more bakers, packers drivers and administration staff.

Ryan said: "At the moment we are using every bit of space in the shop with three bakers in a 3m by 3m space.

"When we move next door we will have a storage area, an office, a much bigger kitchen with three or four ovens, a staff area for them to relax and a social media room.

"Social media is so important and Fiona is amazing at it and she really enjoys it. People tell us that our cakes are the most Instagrammable. Nine out of ten customers see us on Instagram.

Butterwick is expanding

"We have had companies approach us and offer to do our social media but our customers don't just buy our cakes they buy into us and our lives. They follow our journey and it's authentic."

The new shop in Kettering, in a former dry cleaners in Market Place, will sell the Butterwick artisan goodies but they will still be handmade in Corby. The shop should be ready by early summer. They are also looking to open shops at two further locations.

Currently they produce up to 1,000 cakes a day - often selling out - with bakery staff starting at 3am to make sure the cakes, brownies, cookies and doughnuts are as fresh as possible.

Half of the cakes produced are vegan but the 'cakery' still gets through around 1,500 eggs a week and 24 pint of milk a day for their milkshakes as well as a a quarter of a tonne each of three different flours and three different sugars.

Ryan Scarborough in the Corby shop

Former building society worker Fiona and Ryan, who previously worked as a transport operations manager, have stepped back from the kitchen to take on a more managerial role.

Ryan said: "When we first closed for Covid the first time, we took a took a strategic look at the business. We told the guys in the kitchen you guys are going to be stepping up.

"It was out intention all along to become established. We've had approaches to become a franchise but we would only do that once we once we're ready.

"For us it's about doing it right. We won't leave Corby. It's important for us to have roots. Corby is where our heart is."

Doughnuts have become a massive seller
Ryan in the new unit
The new premises will enable production of the homemade sweet treats to expand
The new premises in Kettering