Corby music artist showing love for his home by putting 'Small Town' on the map with rap

A Corby rapper has reached the semi-finals of a prestigious music contest with his latest track showing his love for his home town, its estates and its people.

By Alison Bagley
Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 4:46 pm

Ryan Bruce, who raps under the name Illuzion, reached the Open Mic UK semi-finals, winning the people's choice nomination, after initially missing out in the first vote.

The 24-year-old performed to a 400-strong crowd in Birmingham earlier this month, in front of a panel of six judges, and will now go compete in Dewsbury on November 24.

Ryan said: "It went really well. I interacted with the crowd and it felt really amazing - it was electric and exciting to get my lyrics out there.

Ryan Bruce raps under the name Illuzion

"I've only done three shows in my career and I've come quite far in a year. I was a bit frightened but as soon as I got the first words out I was flying.

"I was up against some really talented singers. The vote on the day was by the judges but then I did my thing online and was saved by the people of Corby."

Ryan, who works at Tesco Extra in Corby, will be showcasing his upcoming release 'Small Town' in the next round of the competition.

The former Corby Business Academy pupil said: "It's a personal piece about the town. It's not about gangs and guns it's about all the things I love about Corby. I would love the people of

Illuzion on stage

Corby to come along and support me.

"Growing up here there wasn't much for me musically but now it's trying to express itself and expand. That's why I've given the Enablers a mention in my lyrics - they've been really


Ryan describes his musical style as 'UK meets hip/hop with an aggressive delivery and meaningful lyrics' with his biggest musical influences Abstract, Hopsin and Dave.

Small Town will be released in November. In it he says 'The Corby Cube is an icon all the way to its core, such a monument with just a few floors from the Lincoln estate to the Exeter, if

you need some stuff man will link ya from the Beanie estate to the Occupation, if you need some dough there be no limitations or hesitation shot for a few months now ya got money to last

a generation no that's not what I condone' with the chorus C-O-R-B-Y, Raising the stakes, All the way to the sky, That's Corby, That's Corby, 01536, That's Corby, That's Corby, 01536'.

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