Corby double act's TV illusion in bid to fool Penn & Teller with hopes of magic Vegas date

Jay & Joss appeared on the Penn & Teller showcase in an attempt to trick them

By Alison Bagley
Thursday, 16th December 2021, 6:00 am
Magicians Jay (Jamie Docherty) and Joss (Lewis Joss)
Magicians Jay (Jamie Docherty) and Joss (Lewis Joss)

A Corby illusionist and his magician partner have taken to the stage to try to trick world-famous duo Penn and Teller on their long-running Fool Us TV show.

Jamie Docherty, 27, and 25-year-old Lewis Joss - known as 'Jay and Joss' - agreed to perform in front of a worldwide audience and Penn and Teller when they thought they had an illusion that might baffle them.

After each performance, if Penn and Teller can't work out how a trick was done, the act wins a trophy and a five-star trip to Las Vegas to be the opening act in Penn and Teller's show at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

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Due to travel restrictions at the time of filming, 'Jay and Joss' took part live but virtually with props being placed on a stage in Las Vegas with the pair back in in their Corby studio beamed into Vegas via a video link.

Jamie said: "We have always seen the show and we thought we would always like to do it but we thought we wouldn't have anything to fool them.

"When we were approached to do it we said yes and worked with another magician on the trick. We designed it to work virtually because at the time we couldn't travel.

"It was a really nice opportunity and to do something different. We were very nervous and excited."

Jay & Joss are members of The Magic Circle Jamie Docherty and Lewis Joss

In the trick the Corby duo are seen on screen on stage relaxing in deckchairs. A pre-recorded narration instructs Penn and Teller and host Alyson Hannigan what to do with the props that have been provided.

By the end of the trick the audience are left scratching their heads wondering how the trick has been done.

After their performance award-winning Penn Jillette, on behalf of the duo, praised them.

He said: "We like two-person acts. We loved your set. It was a really funny routine and perfectly done."

Jay & Joss perform on screen for Penn & Teller and host Alyson Hannigan

But the famous magicians indicated that they had not been fooled.

Jamie said: "We would liked to have fooled them. We worked for some time on it. Loads of fans of magic and other magicians watch the show so it was great to be on."

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Originally rivals, former Kettering Science Academy student Jamie and Bedfordshire-born Lewis first became aware of each other as they competed for gigs across the area.

Jay & Joss switched from being rivals to working as a duo

Jamie said: "Even during school, I was performing at parties and events at weekends, and when I left school I decided I should give it a try full time and I've never looked back.

"I sold Lewis an illusion a number of years ago and then we kept in contact. We met up in 2016 at a magic convention in Blackpool, and got on really well.

"We were the main competition for each other, so we decided to knock the competition on the head and join forces. Lewis is much better at things that I'm not so good at, and vice versa.

"Off the back of that we got together as a couple and formed Jay and Joss."

As well as being members of the prestigious society, The Magic Circle, they have also been promoted to associates of The Inner Magic Circle with a silver star, the highest degree achievable in The Magic Circle, through examination.

The couple have been wowing audiences at Wicksteed Park's daytime shows and are soon to do 14 shows for the Magic Circle in London performing their illusions.

They performed their shows on Zoom during lockdown from their studio

During Covid the pair went online to entertain people stuck inside their homes with their 'pay-as-you-like' performances.

Jamie said: "It was great doing the Zoom shows which we did from our studio. In such a difficult time we were spreading a bit of joy. It gave families something to look forward to.

"We enjoyed doing Zoom but nothing beats having the audience in front of you and the applause."

As well as their 100 holiday season shows the pair are hoping to get more exposure on TV.

Jamie said: "We would like to do more on TV and do more online content. We'd like to do a tour and bring our show to the Core in Corby, The Lighthouse in Kettering and the Castle in Wellingborough.

"What we offer is a little bit different and we really enjoy it."