Corby couple came to aid of teenager who fell from lorry in Kettering

A Corby woman says she cried all day after helping a terrified African teenager who fell from underneath a lorry.

The boy fell from under a lorry on the A43.
The boy fell from under a lorry on the A43.

Kasia Kuna and her partner Mariusz Piszczatowski were on the way back from work in Wellingborough on Thursday (January 9) when a 15-year-old boy from Chad came from under a lorry which was in front of them on the A43 Northern Bypass.

The pair stopped and got out to help him despite abuse from passing motorists shouting at them to pull over.

Kasia said: "I have never experienced anything like it.

"He had no shoes and was just wearing a T-shirt and pants. He was so slim.

"He was shaking, soaking wet and exhausted and he had a limp. We put him in our car while we waited for police."

Kasia and Mariusz gave him water and crisps as the boy repeatedly said 'merci'.

Police arrived 20 minutes later and handcuffed him and he was later placed in the care of the local authority.

Kasia, who moved to the UK from Poland 15 years ago, says she was saddened by comments online questioning whether the boy was 15.

She said: "When I got home I cried all day.

"I came to this country but I had a choice. I still have a house in my own country.

"I came here to learn English and earn some money but I could have chosen Germany, France or Spain.

"He had no choice. We should all have some feelings."