Corby Shire Lodge Cemetery extension plan could see 3,000 new burial plots created

It's proposed to extend the cemetery along the green open space at Rockingham Triangle

The existing cemetery is almost full
The existing cemetery is almost full

A long-term plan to extend Corby's Shire Lodge Cemetery has finally been revealed today.

Corby Council has been grappling with the issue of how to deal with burials in the town after it was revealed there are only and estimated two years' worth of spaces left at the Rockingham Road site.

The council commissioned a study by planning consultancy Landmark Planning earlier this year to look at options for the future provision of burial and cremation grounds within the borough, which included a review of potential sites to ensure that suitable space is provided for the next 20-25 years.

The extension is shown here at the bottom of the picture

This review has confirmed that an extension of the current cemetery at Shire Lodge is the council's preferred option to accommodate the growth and need as Corby’s primary burial ground.

The proposed site is located to the south west of the existing Shire Lodge Cemetery on Rockingham Road and would be accessed via the existing entrance to the cemetery. The current cemetery boundaries would be extended to the south west into what is currently public open space to create an additional area for over 3,000 additional burial plots.

There would also be a cremation burial area and a memorial garden.

This would equate to space for the next 20-25 years. The site would be laid out as a lawn cemetery and the overall cemetery site would have improved landscaping to the south where it faces existing houses. New car parking facilities would be provided in the south east of the site and within the extended cemetery.

The proposed extension is outlined in red

Corby Borough Council, in partnership with Landmark Planning, are asking residents to give their views on these proposals here. The public consultation will remain open until Thursday 30th April. If you are unable to access the website, you can still provide your comments by e-mailing [email protected]

Corby Borough Council’s Lead Member for Environment, Cllr Mark Pengelly, said: “Corby Borough Council is committed to providing sufficient space for our loved ones to be buried, and being a town that continues to grow, these new proposals are very much a necessity so I’m pleased we are now in a position to gather views from the public”.

“As the Covid-19 outbreak continues, we want to assure residents that this is not a reaction to the global pandemic, however there is a need to focus on the need to provide additional cemetery space”