Police confirm Corby attack dog has been destroyed

A dog that launched a vicious attack on a Corby woman in West Glebe Park has been put to sleep.

Friday, 10th May 2019, 10:56 am
Trudi was injured by a Jack Russell in West Glebe Park

The Jack Russell involved in last week’s incident was destroyed by a vet after the owner voluntarily took it to be put down.

Police have confirmed that the case has now been closed after victim Trudi Doherty, who received bites all over her torso, face and legs during the incident, accepted a community resolution.

Trudi said that she was saddened that the dog had had to be destroyed.

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Trudi's dog Laya, who was injured in the incident

She said: “If the owner had kept it on a lead then this could have been prevented.

“Having a dog is much more than feeding it and walking it. There are many responsible dog owners but some are not and I hope that this incident helps them think a bit more about their responsibilities.

“I wish I hadn’t had to seek publicity for this but I felt that was the only way that the police would prioritise this incident. The way our MPs have voted on funding has meant that our police no longer have the resources to quickly deal with incidents like this.

“We have no police station in Corby, just a police desk, where you can’t go and give a statement. What about other people in my position who can’t get to Kettering to make statements?”

Trudi also said that she was overwhelmed by the warm response she had from the people of Corby following the incident.

Her own dog Laya is recovering well from the bites she received.

Trudi added: “My neighbour who helped me was wonderful. I’d like to say thank you to Vets4Pets who saw Laya so quickly and Corby Urgent Care Centre who were brilliant.”