Delight as road closure between Desborough and Rothwell is reorganised

The road would have been closed for two weeks, with a big detour

Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 3:15 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 3:16 pm
The road closure has been reorganised.

Campaigners and councillors say they are 'delighted' that a road closure which would have caused significant problems for people travelling between Desborough and Rothwell has been reorganised.

The B576, which links the two towns, was due to be closed between April 5 and April 18 for the construction of a new carriageway linked to the Rothwell North development.

But the full closure would have caused huge problems for students, staff and parents getting to and from Rothwell's Montsaye Academy, particularly those by bus, with the school due to return from a break midway through the closure.

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And there were also potential problems for people wanting to get to Rothwell Medical Centre, bus drivers going between the two towns and with the daytime use of Fox Street and Harrington Road as a diversion route.

But after councillors and the Rothwell North Working Party (RNWP) - who have been working with developer Persimmon Homes since 2017 to ensure disruption is minimised in construction works - raised their concerns, and after Desborough Town Council called an extraordinary meeting to discuss it, the roadworks have been revised.

It now means that full closures will be overnight and at the weekend, outside the Easter holidays.

Chairman of RNWP Pete Chapman said: “I am delighted that the working party and its highly active members have been able to achieve this result on behalf of the community. I am full of praise for Persimmon Homes, the county council and Paul John Construction all of whom wanted to minimise the impact of the planned work on the two communities.

"They could not have been more helpful and caring about addressing the issues. I would also like to thank county councillor Jim Hakewill for alerting us to the problems and working to bring everyone together to find a solution."

Chairman of Desborough Town Council Cllr Linda Burnham said: “As soon as the details of the road closure were published my phone started ringing and emails flowed in expressing concern about getting between the two towns during the proposed closure.

"I immediately called an extraordinary town council meeting which was well attended and covered all the concerns. We wrote to all concerned and I am delighted that the revised plan has been drawn up.

"I appreciate the way in which RNWP, Persimmon, Paul John Construction and the county council have responded to community concerns while ensuring the safety of their staff."

And Cllr Hakewill said: "I am absolutely delighted that having seen a possible closure completely that RNWP and Desborough Town Council have been able to keep the road open.

"Persimmon Homes, Paul John construction and the county council realised the disruption that this closure would have caused for people from the two towns.

"It's great that we all worked together to keep the road open throughout."

There will be a number of night-time and weekend closures, along with traffic lights remaining in place, which will cause some disruption but much less than the original proposals.

The footpath between the two towns will be open throughout.

The new dates of works are:

Three-way traffic lights and temporary crossing:

To remain in place from now until 10/4/21

Weekend closures (24 hrs day and night):

Sat 10/4/21 06:00 to Mon 12/4/21 05:00

Sat 17/4/21 06:00 to Mon 19/4/21 05:00

Sat 24/4/21 06:00 to Mon 26/4/21 05:00

Mid week three-way traffic lights and temporary pedestrian crossing:

Mon 12/4/21 05:00 to Sat 17/4/21 06:00 (24 hr)

Mon 19/4/21 05:00 to 19:00 (days)

Tues 20/4/21 05:00 to 19:00 (days)

Wed 21/4/21 05:00 to 19:00 (days)

Thurs 22/4/21 05:00 to 19:00 (days)

Fri 23/4/21 05:00 to 19:00 (days)

Mon 26/4/21 05:00 to Fri 7/5/21 17:00 (24 hr)

Weekday night closures (19/4/21 to 23/4/21):

Mon 19/4/21 19:00 to Tues 20/4/21 06:00

Tues 20/4/21 19:00 to Wed 21/4/21 06:00

Wed 21/4/21 19:00 to Thurs 22/4/21 06:00

Thurs 22/4/21 19:00 to Fri 23/4/21 06:00

Fri 23/4/21 19:00 to Sat 24/4/21 06:00