Brexit marchers start trek from Stanion to Wellingborough

About 150 people joined a march in the north of the county this morning (Tuesday) demanding the UK leaves the European Union.

Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 10:54 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 11:23 am
Many marchers were draped in Union Jack flags.

The 'March to Leave', a two-week long protest that began in Sunderland earlier this month, started today's leg outside Stanion Village Hall at about 9am.

In glorious sunshine they set off towards Geddington and are expected to arrive at the Ock N Dough in Wellingborough at about 2pm.

The march campaign was originally led by Nigel Farage but he was not at today's leg. The march will end in a mass rally at Parliament Square in London on March 29.

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Campaigners at the march said the country "simply has to leave".

Michael Rye from Corby turned out and said: "Everywhere in Northamptonshire voted to leave. Why aren't the Government making sure that happens?

"It feels like they are trying to stop Brexit and that's what a lot of MPs ultimately want."

Martin Judge from Coventry has walked every leg so far.

Many marchers were draped in Union Jack flags.

He said: "I believe in our country, I believe in justice, I believe in democracy.

"We voted to leave and should get on with it and we have to go without a deal.

"I have been on every leg since Sunderland and up north they are fuming. I was surprised by how angry they were."

A protest in London at the weekend to revoke Article 50 drew estimates of 1,000,000 marchers. Many opinion polls suggest that if there was another referendum today, remain would win.

Leavers congregate outside the village hall.

Asked whether he thought any people had changed their mind, Martin said: "Nobody has changed their mind. It's totally the opposite, even remainers are saying it's wrong."

Marina Shapton from Norfolk has also walked every leg of the route so far.

She said: "We had the vote and 17.4million people voted to leave.

"We are standing up for democracy and what we voted for."

Martin Judge says they are fighting for democracy.

David Pilsworth, a Swiss resident who was born in the UK, was also at the march this morning having joined in Beeston earlier this month.

He said: "Switzerland is being strong-armed into the EU in the same way they are trying to get the UK to remain.

"I came over for the march to show the feeling against them. We don't want the Euro and we don't want migrants coming in and taking jobs."

@LedByDonkeys, a viral Twitter account that showcases phrases Brexiteers have said that have come back to haunt them after the Brexit process, were at today's march with a big screen showing videos of people who had voted leave but had changed their mind.

Article 50 says the UK will leave on Friday, March 29, and yesterday Europe said they had completed preparations for a no deal Brexit if it happened. Prime Minister Theresa May told the House of Commons that a no deal Brexit will not happen unless MPs vote for it. Many business experts say the country is not ready to leave without a deal.

John Longworth, chairman of Leave Means Leave, said: “The fact that the European Commission are seemingly more prepared than our own Government for a no deal Brexit is another demonstration of the complete absence of political leadership in this country.

Marina Shapton says the UK should leave without a deal

The north of the county overwhelmingly voted to leave in the 2016 referendum with 62.4 per cent of people in Wellingborough, 60 per cent of people in Kettering, 64.25 per cent of people in Corby and 58.8 per cent of people in East Northants voting for Brexit.

Marchers in Stanion this morning.
The marchers leaving Stanion.