Staff injured and Corby Lakeside doctor's surgery evacuated after attacker targets receptionists

Lakeside Surgery. File image.Lakeside Surgery. File image.
Lakeside Surgery. File image.
A statement from the surgery said this level of violence has ‘not been seen before’

A patient at Corby’s largest doctor’s surgery attacked staff members and smashed up equipment during a shocking incident yesterday (Thursday, May 20)

Staff at Lakeside Healthcare have been left ‘upset and shocked’ after two of them were hurt by the man and a third, in her first week at the Cottingham Road surgery, was left shaken.

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Tonight (Friday), a statement from hub manager Emma Downs said: “We experienced an incident at our surgery on Cottingham Road, Corby, whereby a patient violently attacked our equipment and injured several staff members in our reception area.

“Whilst, sadly, we are somewhat used to verbally aggressive and, on occasion, threatening behaviour from patients, I am sad to say that yesterday was a level of violence towards our team that we have not seen before.”

During the incident, the patient smashed up screens on the front desk, pushed PCs, monitors and printers onto the floor and threatened staff. One member of staff had their face cut open, requiring stitches, and another received a bash to the head and grazes to their arm. The third, who was in her first week of working for Lakeside, was badly shaken.

Ms Downs continued: “The whole team is understandably upset and shocked by the incident.

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“The team on site handled this exceptionally well. Patients and staff were quickly evacuated to safety, police were called and clinical care sought for the injured staff in a calm and considered fashion.

“The police will now investigate the incident further and we are undertaking a full review of the incident and our approach to aggressive and violent patients. We will update our patients on any changes which may impact the way patients access our service.

“The behaviour of our team was exemplary and is testament to the dedication they show our organisation and patients day in, day out.”

Last December, Lakeside pleaded with patients to stop abusing their staff, saying it was having a detrimental effect on their mental health.

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The incident comes days after a GP surgery in Oakham was forced to scrap its in-person reception altogether after unrelated abusive incidents.