Kettering pupils get walking for school initiative

They ditched their lifts to walk to school

Monday, 24th May 2021, 10:37 am
Updated Monday, 24th May 2021, 10:38 am
Children at Millbrook Junior School took part in 'Walk to School Week'

Pupils on Kettering s Ise Lodge estate ditched their lifts to walk to school as part of an initiative to make healthier choices.

Children at Millbrook Junior School took part in 'Walk to School Week' last week, with pupils and their families encouraged to come to school by walking, cycling, scooting or ‘Park and Stride’.

Because some live too far away to walk in ‘Park and Stride’ encouraged the children to ask their adults to park further away from the school and walk in. This means the children are getting in their walk but also limits the number of cars around the school reducing congestion and pollution.

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The overall aim is that the children will notice a big difference in their lives as they make a small change to involve healthier choices.

Over the week pupils also talked about the benefits of walking and how it helps in many different areas of our lives. The initiative is run by UK charity Living Streets, as part of their National Walking Month campaign.

Headteacher Danielle Warren said: "The children have received special stickers each day and reward badges for those who have found a healthier way to travel to school.

"The walk to school week has linked in brilliantly with the mental health work Millbrook Junior School have already been doing.

"The children show a clear understanding that getting outside, getting some exercise and fresh air can been extremely beneficial.

"Recently, mental health week was all about the importance of getting outside and spending time in nature.

"Not only has the walk to school week encouraged more children to walk to school but also more walking outside of school too. Staff at Millbrook Junior School are trying this as well. Everyone is very hopeful that this positivity and increased level of exercise will continue and the benefits keep growing."