The Wildhearts announce headline gig at Roadmender

The band is back at the Roadmender in October and tickets go on sale next Monday.

By David Jackson
Friday, 19th February 2021, 10:04 am
The Wildhearts released their latest album Renaissance Man in 2019.
The Wildhearts released their latest album Renaissance Man in 2019.

British rockers The Wildhearts will headline the Roadmender later this year.

The band returned with their first album in a decade in 2019 and will head back to the Northampton venue in October.

For more than 30 years, The Wildhearts have remained at the forefront of the British rock scene.

From their classic debut album Earth Vs - which was voted album of the year by Kerrang! in 1993 and number 20 in its best rock albums of all time in 2006 - through to last year’s Renaissance Men – the band’s creative output and legendary live shows have been second to none.

The Wildhearts’ classic line up recorded Renaissance Men at the Treehouse Studio with Jim Pinder.

It saw the band at its full creative tilt delivering hard-hitting, retooled classic rock with a modern and urgent twist.

Although the 1990s saw The Wildhearts covered like a soap opera in the press with tales of sex, drugs, bust ups, fights, splits and a lot more controversy, the recent years have seen them more focused than ever before and firing on all cylinders – cementing their reputation and legacy as one of the best rock bands the UK has produced.

In recent years The Wildhearts welcomed long-time bandmate and bassist Danny McCormack back into the band – joining Ginger and CJ on guitars and vocals, with Ritch Battersby on drums.

The Wildhearts helped change the landscape of British rock through the 90s and to this day they haven’t shown any sign of slowing down.

They will headline the Roadmender on Friday, October 15.

Tickets cost £24 in advance before fees and go on sale at 10am on Monday, February 22.