Review: Neil Diamond tribute show at Corby

A show titled A Beautiful Noise sets itself up to meet some seriously high expectations.

With some trepidation the sold-out audience of the Core theatre in Corby waited to see if it would deliver.

Within moments of stepping on to the stage the Neil Diamond tribute show, together with a nine-piece band, lit up the audience with its high-impact performance.

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At a time when Neil Diamond has declared his days of touring are over there are still millions who want their Diamond fix and this show is certainly the way to get it.

Fisher Stevens is excellent and provided an opportunity for fans old and new to experience a flawless performance of a quality to rival the real thing.

An established performer with numerous international events, tours and awards under his belt, you could have forgiven Fisher Stevens for resting on his laurels, but he delivered a high-energy show causing an electric response throughout the audience.

Fisher and team led us through a top-quality journey of Neil Diamond’s most enduring hits.

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Opening with a fantastic, hard hitting, version of America (we’re coming to) followed by another hit song from the Jazz Singer, Hello (again hello), sung to perfection.

In fact the lady next to me, with tears running down her cheek, said “close your eyes and it’s Neil Diamond’s voice.”

Fisher and co then took us through the early hits of Neil’s career, picking up energy and speed and ending on a high note, closing the first half with the iconic Sweet Caroline.

The audience were on their feet, arms in the air.

The second half saw the tempo turned up, and with this the audience’s appetite to party increased.

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With songs such as I’m a Believer, Crackling Rosie, Forever in Blue Jeans and Red Red Wine, the audience danced and sang through classic after classic.

The atmosphere turning from show to party.

Fisher’s vocal performance is jaw-droppingly authentic (as advised by my neighbour in the audience I closed my eyes during Love on the Rocks and struggled to tell the difference).

Highlights also included some superb band member solos during an extended version of Cherry Cherry and the heart-melting version of I am I Said.

All introduced and executed to perfection.

The show finished with the audience on their feet for more and Fisher returned to the stage to deliver another rendition of Sweet Caroline, sending the audience into a frenzy of yet more arm waving and singing.

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Between the talented star, the note-perfect band, pitch-perfect backing singers and the incredible light show, it was impossible to find any room for improvement.

Authentic, credible and highly entertaining, A Beautiful Noise - A Tribute to Neil Diamond are arguably one of the best tributes bands around.

Fisher engages with the audience, creating a feeling of intimacy and fun despite the size of the sold to capacity venue.

Alongside the note perfect melodies and vocals, Fisher led his team with joy.

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It is obvious that every member of A Beautiful Noise thoroughly enjoys being part of the show and the fun they have together while presenting a professional, top-quality, show is contagious.

So, was it A Beautiful Noise?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it was spectacular.

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Booking to see this show is a must and you can see it again at the Deco Theatre, Northampton on May 21, 2016.