Promoters Wisereks to bring Jayline to Escape Venue for inaugural event

Tickets for 'The Beginning' on July 31 at the Northampton venue are on sale now.

By David Jackson
Monday, 24th May 2021, 8:42 pm
Updated Monday, 24th May 2021, 8:44 pm
Jayline, who will be headlining The Beginning.
Jayline, who will be headlining The Beginning.

Drum and bass DJ Jayline will headline the inaugural event by promoters Wisereks next month.

The DJ, producer and songwriter will be joined by a host of other names at The Beginning at Escape Venue in Northampton.

Wisereks are friends Aaron Bergman and Adam Eaton who hope Jayline will be the first of many names from the drum and bass scene they will be able to bring to the town.

Wisereks duo Aaron Bergman and Adam Eaton.

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    Talking about headliner Jayline, Mr Bergman said: “Jayline is someone who's been around for a long time and he's someone who is well known within the drum and bass scene and someone we’re really excited about bringing to Northampton.

    “We’ve also got some brands who are local to the county as well – In The Lab and On The Decks will be doing takeovers on the night with their DJs and we’ll be bringing some of ours as well.”

    The pair started the Wisereks brand in 2019, initially promoting other people’s events, but they always had the intention of eventually putting on their own nights.

    Mr Eaton said: “We’ve both spent time in clubs across Northampton and across the country.

    “There’s a great clubbing scene in Northampton and some good venues, but we think something is missing.

    “We want to bring some good names here, put on events with good production and build a community.

    “Northampton is a great location, we want to attract people here and we hope with Wisereks we can maybe be the catalyst to start that.”

    Jayline will be joined at Escape Venue on Saturday, July 31, by Spectra T, Kendot, JNY B2B Milkman, Climpo, Tash and Kleen.

    Escape Venue, like others across the country, has been closed over the last year because of Government coronavirus restrictions.

    However, the Horseshoe Street venue has been making a series of improvements during this period thanks in part to money it received from the Culture Recovery Fund.

    Talking about the venue and their plans for Wisereks, Mr Eaton said: “We weighed up different venues in Northampton where we could potentially put something on and Escape Venue is going to be a great blank canvas for us.

    “They’ve been really accommodating to what we’re hoping to do.

    “Our ultimate aim is to bring good music to Northampton and support some of our local acts as well.

    “We’ve been all over the country to different events and we want to put on memorable music nights here. Jayline will hopefully be the first of these.”

    In recent weeks, people have returned to venues and stadiums as part of test events organised by the Government to assess the safety of removing coronavirus measures.

    Commenting on whether they think people will be ready to return to night clubs, Mr Bergman said: “If there was a test event I could go to, I’d be there tomorrow and I’m pretty sure a lot of other people are feeling the same.”

    Mr Eaton added: “Of course there will be some nervousness about going to clubs, but every time the Government has relaxed the rules, people have made use of them and I think it will be the same with clubs.

    “We hope there's people across Northampton who are a bit like coiled springs just ready to pop.”

    “There’s been great nights in Northampton over the years, but a lot feel like ‘one off’ events.

    “Sustainability is important for us and we don’t want to do something without knowing there’s a demand for it.

    “However, we’re here to put on quality, well put together nights, which have an attractive line-up.

    “We’re trying to put on the night we would want to have.”

    Tickets for The Beginning on July 31 are on sale now and cost £10 before fees.

    VIP table and drinks packages are also available.

    Music is from 10pm until 3am.

    For more information, visit