Marti Pellow bringing Greatest Hits tour to Royal & Derngate

Marti Pellow.Marti Pellow.
Marti Pellow.
Pellow: “This tour is going to be a great celebration of the music. It’s all about gathering together for a great evening."

As the frontman of Wet Wet Wet, Marti Pellow became an icon, with his hits becoming the soundtrack to millions of lives.

When Love Is All Around became one of the most successful singles of all-time, it also propelled Marti Pellow towards ubiquity.

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During lockdown, the man who went onto enjoy a successful solo career became an online phenomenon with his Lockdown Sessions attracting millions of viewers, after he’d stepped into help a family laid low by Covid-19.

Pellow is now back on the road for his Greatest Hits tour and will headline the Derngate stage in Northampton next week.

While many musicians went to ground during lockdown, Pellow came to the fore.

“We started this thing called Lockdown Sessions,” he says.

“A family approached me online and asked me to sing a wee song for them.

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“They had a relative in a coma because of the coronavirus so I was happy to help.”

The idea was that they’d play the song to their loved one in the hope it would stir them. Happily the patient made a full recovery.

“I was so touched by that experience,” Marti says.

“I was just glad to help. The only way for me to reach out was online, but then the response became phenomenal.”

Soon Pellow was asked to sing for others, a young boy, Oliver, who was unwell, or to raise money for PPE for his hometown of Clydebank.

He was happy to oblige and the response was extraordinary.

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As time went on, he delved into his back catalogue as well as covering songs by artists he admired, including James Taylor and Annie Lennox.

“I covered songs by those two and both got in touch. James sent me a lovely message and Annie wrote a beautiful email. They both loved what I’d done with their songs.”

The success of Pellow’s Lockdown Sessions ought not to be a surprise.

A seasoned performer, he shifted several million records between 1987 and 1997 as the frontman of Wet Wet Wet.

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With such hits as Wishing I Was Lucky, Angel Eyes (Home and Away), Wishing I Was Lucky, With A Little Help from My Friends, Goodnight Girl and the remarkable Love Is All Around, he provided the soundtrack for a generation.

Such songs, as well as Julia Says, Sweet Surrender and If I Never See You Again, showed a vocal talent that helped him to forge a successful career in musical theatre in London’s West End and on Broadway.

A successful solo career followed too, as Pellow showed a diverse talent. One year a balladeer, another a jazz singer, the next a man capable of Bowie-esque new wave and then a Rat Pack-style crooner.

When he hits the road, fans can look forward to a night of greatest hits.

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“It’s about entertaining the people. The only thing I want them to bring to the show is their smile – I’ll take care of the rest.

“This tour is going to be a great celebration of the music. It’s all about gathering together for a great evening.

“There’ll be songs to make people dance and laugh. I want to connect, connect, connect.

“I’m fortunate that I have plenty of songs in my back catalogue that can do that. I want it to be a night of great music that people are familiar with.”

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Pellow played a summer festival this year, near Birmingham, and was thrilled to be back on stage after the enforced lockdown.

“Something like this is great for everyone. There’s a sense of anticipation about these shows already, I see it with the comments from people on social media.

“After the last year-and-a-half, it’s time to look forward. We’re heading into something like normality and it will be great for us to come together and enjoy ourselves. As a singer, I want to get busy and entertain. I love doing that.

“We all take certain things for granted in our industry but it was first to close and last to re-open.

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“It’s brilliant that I can go and do this again. And for the fans, there’s never been a better time to see their favourite artists. Everyone is raring to go.

“These hits are songs that evoke happy memories for so many people and I get so stoked and so excited that people feel that way about my music.

“People walked down the aisle to Love Is All Around or they played Angel Eyes when their child was born. Some people escape through these songs. They climb inside and go back to a special time and a place in their lives.

“That’s what this Greatest Hits tour is about. That’s exactly what they’re going to get.

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“There’s real power in this music and I am so grateful to the fans for coming with me on this journey.”

Marti Pellow headlines the Northampton theatre on Monday, November 29. Doors open at 8pm.

Tickets cost £35.50 in advance before fees and are available