Console Corner: Uncharted Lost Legacy review

Fitting addition to Uncharted Legacy.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 3rd September 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 4:22 am
Uncharted: Lost Legacy takes protagonists Chole and Nadine to India
Uncharted: Lost Legacy takes protagonists Chole and Nadine to India

Hit series Uncharted is back this month with new standalone game Lost Legacy.

I’ll never grow tired of Uncharted games - well as long as they are made by Naughty Dog I won’t anyway.

But Lost Legacy did have me pondering whether the creators themselves had done the franchise justice with this one.

From the outset, having played all the Uncharted games I feel it is important to point out that while there is enough for fans of the series here, anyone new to the game should try and play the previous titles before they come to Lost Legacy.

One thing you can be sure of throughout is that the game looks great, as is this the case with all Uncharted titles.

The gameplay remains true to everything that is good about Uncharted and the ever-engrossing combat mechanics and scenarios really call on your improvisation skills and often require the gamer to think outside of the box.

Uncharted is famed for excellent scripts and storytelling.

And Naughty Dog continues that rich vein of form with some great back-and-forth dialogue between the main characters Chloe and Nadine ensuring you become really invested in the story.

The puzzle element of LL is another big plus with each challenge proving really satisfying.

Having played the entire series there is not really a case to say LL takes the series on or brings anything drastically new or improved to the table.

But then I would argue that wasn’t needed, after all as they say don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Having said that the game’s big selling point is the two main protagonists, the writing which binds them together and the beautifully crafted setting of India and its jungles and ruins.

If I was searching for a negative perhaps I would say the action feels a bit too familiar - hence my recommendation to play through the originals before trying LL.

But great graphics, smart puzzles and some top level cinematic set pieces make for a very rewarding game.