Console Corner: Assassin's Creed Origins review

Assassins Creed plays as good as it looksAssassins Creed plays as good as it looks
Assassins Creed plays as good as it looks
Origins of a new era for Assassin's.

I’m a big Assassin’s Creed fan and even I was growing tired of the copy and paste nature of the series.

Yes you could argue the formula works so why make drastic changes but it has at times felt like all that has changed is the location.

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Well Assassin’s Creed Origins changes all that... and then some.

As far as I’m concerned this is comfortably the best, most engrossing, engaging, fluid and enjoyable Assassin’s yet in the finest setting.

Egypt is brought to life in breathtaking style with great thought to the various cultures in a wonderfully well-woven storyline. The awesome level of detail and sheer expanse makes just watching someone else play an enthralling spectacle. The story and script is the bedrock of everything good about ACO, though.

The lead character keeps you fully engrossed in the main story thread while there are also lots of memorable side-events and missions to enjoy along the way.

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The combat system has been overhauled while the RPG element of the game is more advanced and prevalent than every before.

In previous AC titles I have become quickly frustrated with the clumsy camera/controls/parkour system.

Although approaching missions in stealth mode is the weak link this time around, all other areas are vastly improved and leaping up structures is now much smoother and less buggy.

Egypt can at times be sparse - perhaps a by-product of trying to make things a little too realistic - which is another negative but in no way spoils the overall experience.

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ACO is quite simply stunning and boasts more mission variety than any other game in the series. The new combat system is infinitely better and rewards thought over button mashing.

Levelling up and weapon variety all add to the allure and despite encountering the odd annoying glitch I always wanted to keep playing so good was the storyline, a lot like the best in class Grand Theft Auto games.

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