Boyd reveals Saints' plans for Premiership bye week

Chris Boyd has explained what Saints will be doing during their bye week.

By Tom Vickers
Monday, 11th October 2021, 2:53 pm
Chris Boyd

The black, green and gold do not play this weekend as, due to the fact there are now 13 teams in the Gallagher Premiership, they don't have a game.

And when asked what Saints will be doing, Boyd said: "This week is a bye and everyone's off for the week.

"We'll go and get our heads in some sunny weather and come back and face Worcester next Friday in Northampton.

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"It's too long a season for me and though I think the bye in the Premiership is disappointing for the teams who get it in round one and the last round, it's good on a rotational basis.

"We had it in Super Rugby for a couple of years and when you've got a bye that you know is fixed - not determined by whether you're in Europe or out of Europe - you know there's a week off.

"We've planned our season around a four-week start and that's now finished so everyone's got a week off and they will come back next week to prepare for Worcester."

There are a variation of holiday plans among the Saints squad.

Boyd explained: "There's a good chunk of the young boys who are all heading off to the sun.

"Some unfortunate ones are being dragged by their partners to Paris or bits and pieces.

"There's also a lot who are staying behind due to the Covid restrictions but it's a gift for me, knowing we've got a bye this week and one in February.

"The boys know that whether it's good, bad or indifferent, they can plan a week's leave and that gives them something to look forward to."

As for Boyd, he will be heading off for a rest ahead of the return to the Gardens early next week.

"I am going away," the Saints boss said.

"I did a good chunk of work on Sunday night and Monday morning and we got stuff out to the players electronically.

"We've already done quite a bit of work on Worcester and if you're going to take advantage of this time off you need to be ahead of the game, and as a coaching group I think we are."