The new boxing club in Kettering giving kids something to do

A gym owner from Kettering has started a boxing class for kids in Highfield because he thinks there is a link between boredom and anti-social behaviour.

Saturday, 26th October 2019, 6:00 am
Children from Adam's boxing classes strike a pose outside the community centre

Adam Hale, 30, who owns Hale Training gyms in Kettering and Corby has started free boxing classes for children in Highfield Barnes Community Centre on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Adam said: "I grew up on Highfield Road, it's not got the best reputation.

"Some issues and barriers we are dealing with have been there since when I was a kid. I am 30 now and we are dealing with the same things now, nothing has changed.

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The classes have been attracting around 30 children

"I honestly believe there's a link between anti-social behaviour and boredom."

He said by starting free boxing classes for children in the area gives something for the kids to do.

Adam said: "It's somewhere to go every single week. They get a routine which a lot of them are lacking.

"It's right at the heart of the community so there's no excuse. All the kids can run to it."

The children learn a variety of boxing skills

The classes have been running for four weeks now and Adam said it has been a success.

"It's been crazy, we are probably getting 30 kids a class.

"My mum is like the mum of the road, everyone knows her and she works at the school. There's direct feedback.

"She's said they're running in the next day and and saying they absolutely love it," he said.

Adam structures the classes like a circuit, with children moving around different stations to practice different skills

Adam said each class begins with a discussion before they get into boxing training.

He said: "We run for about an hour. We basically get them in and we always have a rules meeting before. We set out the rules and how important it is to act responsibly.

"We always do that at the start."

Adam described the classes and said: "We teach them proper technique, discipline, calmness, footwork - a lot of footwork."

Adam sets up training stations around the room and kids move round the circuit to train different elements of boxing.

He said it is a bit of a challenge to transform Highfield Community Centre into a boxing gym.

"It's a nightmare, it's not ideal at all. We are a bit inside and a bit outside, it's not quite big enough but if I let that stop us, then it would never have got started."

Adam has supplied all the equipment and bought an extra 30 pairs of gloves for the classes.

He employs eight people in his two gyms in Kettering and Corby and said some of them will come and assist him in the classes.

Adam said it got to the stage with his gym business where he could step back and have some extra time which he wanted to make the best use of by giving something back to the community.

The classes run Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.30pm at Highfield Barnes Community Centre, Barnes Close, Kettering.