There's good news around the corner, Cox tells Poppies fans

The Kettering Town boss says he's frustrated he has had to keep his transfer business under wraps this summer

By Jon Dunham
Wednesday, 28th July 2021, 1:25 pm
Kettering Town manager Paul Cox. Picture by Peter Short
Kettering Town manager Paul Cox. Picture by Peter Short

Paul Cox admits it has been tough to play his cards close to his chest when it comes to the transfer market this summer but insists there is “good news around the corner” for Kettering Town fans.

The Poppies have only confirmed three new signings ahead of the National League North campaign, which kicks off on August 14, with Jordon Crawford, defender Chris Smith and goalkeeper Rhys Davies joining the club this summer.

A number of last season’s squad are staying on but supporters are now waiting to see who will join them after something of a rebuilding job over the past couple of months.

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Numerous trialists have now featured in Kettering’s pre-season friendlies.

Cox admits he hasn’t felt entirely comfortable about keeping their business under wraps until everything is made official.

But he is hoping the fans will understand the reasons why it has happened and he is hoping they will be happy once things are finalised.

“One of the things I want to do is to always communicate with our supporters,” the Poppies manager said.

“But I think, with the position we are in at the moment, we have had to play our cards really close to our chest.

“I think the fans understand that. They are very loyal people and I think they will understand that this isn’t us trying to keep information from them, it’s just that we have to be really astute with the money we spend and make sure we get as many decisions as we can right.

“There’s always someone waiting to come in and steal your players, it’s happened already in pre-season and it could happen again.

“We have just had to be this way and it is tough because I feel I am quite an open person. I enjoy the fans’ forums and I always try to tell the supporters as much as I can.

“I just feel that this time we have had to be really careful but the good thing is that there is some really good news around the corner.

“We have had one or two players come in that have really hit the ground running and are only going to get better and I think our supporters will be excited about them.

“It’s all been positive but I am aware it’s pre-season. It doesn’t mean that much to me but I would rather be in the position where I am feeling positive rather than negative about things with a couple of weeks to go.

“We know there are areas that need strengthening and we know we need players with a bit of knowledge and knowhow and we will still have to be patient on them.

“It may be that things don’t happen until a week before the season starts. If that’s the case then so be it.”