Northamptonshire's Bare Knuckle Boxing owner says event is "stacked with big fights" this weekend

"It's the best night of combat sports. If you like MMA and want to see a scrap instead of on-the-ground fighting then BKB is for you."

Jim Freeman (middle)
Jim Freeman (middle)

Northamptonshire's Bare Knuckle Boxing (BKB) owner said he is ready for this weekend's "best night of combat sports" and called on the public to tune in if "you like MMA and want to see a scrap".

Jim Freeman, who was a first-team coach at Kettering Town a few years ago, co-founded BKB – the only licensed company promoting the sport – with his business partner Joe Brown.

Freeman, who lives in Wellingborough, has overseen a rapid rise for the company since it was formed in 2015.

And this weekend Freeman is set to host BKB Lockdown 2 in Manchester on Saturday (March 27), which is set to feature Northampton's Nathan Leeson fight Scott McHugh.

Freeman said: "It's our biggest event. It's being broadcast out in China for the first time, which gives us millions of viewers, Germany, Austria, and 40 other countries in total.

"We are stacked with big fights all the way throughout. You can sit in your home and watch it on a smart TV and pick nine camera angles to watch the fights from. You are in control."

When asked about the effects of Covid on the business, which normally sells thousands of tickets, Freeman said it has been "frustrating".


He said: "It's been a bit frustrating due to Covid but, hopefully, at the end of this year and next year we will be back having shows in front of fans and abroad.

"It's quite strange and eerie. It affects the fighters more than us. For me working, lockdown is easier, but for the lads fighting there's that buzz missing that you get when you're in front of crowds. It's harder for them to adjust to that."

Freeman added that 97 per cent of his revenue comes from "putting bums on seats".

For anyone who is new to BKB and are not sure what to expect, Freeman said: "It's the best night of combat sports. If you like MMA and want to see a scrap instead of on-the-ground fighting then BKB is for you.

"Just watch it. Give it a try. I am sure you will like it and it will be better than Povetkin vs Whyte!"

This newspaper also got in touch with Northampton's Nathan Leeson, who said he is "confident" going into his bout.

The 34-year-old from Abington said: "I am so confident going into the fight. I have trained so hard for it and have manifested this moment in my head for three years while sitting in a prison cell.

"People can expect 100 per cent effort. They can expect to see slick head movement and outstanding counter punching.

"Thank you to everyone for the support and being a part of my journey."

Nathan went to Northampton School for Boys but says he didn't complete his GCSEs and was kicked out and made homeless from the age of 14.

Those who want to watch the fight can download the MVSN app and stream it from there, or buy the fight on FITE TV.

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