Thoughtful gifts for new parents: pampering hampers, food kits, comforters, cosy throws and more

These are some of the most thoughtful gifts for new parentsThese are some of the most thoughtful gifts for new parents
These are some of the most thoughtful gifts for new parents | Shutterstock

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Most people are very generous when a new baby is born - providing gifts to a baby that’s, let’s face it, is utterly oblivious. Instead, a gift for the sleep-deprived, discombobulated parents can make a real difference at a stressful time

Trying to pick which present you want to give to the new mum and dad can be tricky - it’s a crowded market.

While every parent and every baby is different, however, there are a range of personalised and practical presents that will be loved by all.

Tips for presents for new parents

Consider the people you are gifting for, and try and tailor the presents to their personalities. It’s a myth that all people immediately want cutesy things the second their baby arrives. And if they don’t like classic gender stereotypes, don’t push in that direction - leave the pink/blue themed stuff for those who do like the traditional colour rules.

Remember that new parents are tired and will be riding an emotional rollercoaster. It’s not constant highs and adorable moments. Don’t purchase anything that requires assembly and if you’re going down the food route - keep it simple.

If you’re nearby and can drop it off, ten really high quality ready-made lasagnes (or something similar that they love) they can pop in the freezer - then simply shove in the oven - is ideal for when they’re too knackered to cook.

If you’re not nearby, and you know they don’t have one, consider buying a new parent a TV subscription, such as to NOW TV or Amazon Prime. 3AM feeding sessions can be a lot more tolerable if there’s something entertaining to stream.

Mothers in particular might be feeling a loss of identity as the focus in their life naturally shifts to the baby. Buying them something just for them, that’s within their area of interest, can be a great way of reassuring them you haven’t forgotten their an interesting, loveable person in their own right.

That said, don’t buy a new mother anything related to weight loss. It’s not thoughtful, it’s rude.

More gift ideas

We’ve chosen nine of the best gift ideas below; all which will show the new parents that you care about them and their new arrival.

You’re sure to get a big thank you from mum and dad when they unwrap these.

If you’re looking for even more presents to spark joy as children grow, check out these toys inspired by Disney’s Encanto.

Or, if you want cosy duvet sets to encourage older children to want to go to bed, check out our guide to the best kids bedding.

Not on the High Street

What better way to show you have really thought about the new parents than giving them a personalised gift?

With this hamper you can choose from a selection of organic and handmade items, and they will all be presented in a wooden keepsake hamper box.

You can choose from many products, including bamboo swaddles, socks, baby bath milk, baby balm, baby deep sleep soap and soft toys.

There’s also something extra for parents to enjoy too, including bath oil and bath salts, so the hamper is good for baby, mum and dad.

All products are handmade in the UK and vegan-friendly too.

Prices start at £22.

Happiest Baby

If there’s one thing all new parents wish they could have it’s the gift of more sleep.

While sleep can’t exactly be gift-wrapped, this special teddy could be the key to helping their newbor sleep more - which in turn will help them to sleep more.

This super-huggable teddy, which is available in two colours, has a white noise sound machine in its tummy that plays comforting sounds inspired by noises babies will have got used to hearing while they were in the womb.

White noise makes babies and toddlers feel safe and secure and prevents their sleep being interrupted.

You can play the bear for 30 or 60 minutes to help babies fall asleep, and it will even respond to to any new fussing for up to three hours later and play even more sound to help them settle back to sleep.

Hello Fresh

When new parents have their baby, food for themselves can be one of the last things on their mind - and even when they are hungry it can be very difficult to find the time to cook a nutritious meal.

That’s where a food subscription box comes in. With HelloFresh, you can have fresh pre-portioned ingredients sent to mum and dad every week, along with easy-to-follow recipes, so they can quickly and easy make themselves delicious meals.

The other great thing about this, of course, is that they don’t have to worry about when they are going to fit in time to go to the supermarket.

Meals start from just £3.25 per person, and there’s now more choice every week than ever before.

Marks and Spencer

Every new baby is different, but one thing for sure is that they will all need ways to be comforted.

This soft toy features everyone’s favourite bear, Paddington, carrying a cosy blanket, and it will keep them company at night or on during the day as they explore the new world around them.

It’s very reasonably priced and can be bought in advance of the baby’s due date, ready to give to the new parents straight away.

The White Company

This warm and snuggly blanket is perfect for babies and children of all ages - so it’s an ideal gift for new parents as their newborn will continue to love it, even as they grow.

The best presents are the ones that stand the test of time.

Made from soft, brushed cotton that’s lovely and lightweight, it features a neutral grey backdrop with little elephants and neat blanket stitch around the edge.

JoJo Maman Bebe

Peter Rabbit is a timeless character, loved by children and parents alike for generations.

This set, which is exclusive to JoJo Maman Bebe, includes two key things all new parents need for their child; a sleepsuit and hat set and a soft ring rattle to keep babies looking gorgeous and occupied while they are enjoying their first outings.

Better yet, they come packed into a lovely, sturdy Peter Rabbit themed gift box which can be used as a keepsake box to store all those special trinkets for years to come.


Created to help all new parents - and give them a bit of a break - the portable baby rocker does exactly what it says and keeps any pram or stroller rocking.

That means parents can give their arms a rest and their little one will continue to be soothed by the gentle rocking vibrations.

It’s easy to use for parents too - which will be handy as they’re unlikely to have had much sleep. It attaches to any pram or stroller, push the button and adjust the speed to gently rock their baby, just like they would.


This pretty little kit contains everything parents need to bathe their newborn.

Contained in a beautiful suitcase adorned with cute woodland animals, it has everything they need to get them bathed, moisturised and ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

- Sleep Time Top to Toe Wash 50ml - Sleep Time Top to Toe Cream 50ml - Sleep Time Bath & Massage Oil 50ml - Sleep Time Pillow Mist 15ml - Top to Toe Natural Konjac Sponge

When the products are finished, the suitcase itself also becomes a lovely keepsake box

It’s on sale too at the moment, so you can get them a fantastic present and save yourself some money.

Getting Personal

This is a wonderful personalised gift that parents can enjoy now and their little one will appreciate as he or she grows.

It’s available in three cover types and features information about your child, including date of birth and number of siblings - and then all of this detail is beautifully incorporating it into poems and rhymes using the letters of the alphabet.

It’s sure to be a treasured keepsake for many years to come.

Prices start at £22.99.

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