WhatsApp rolls out new feature as ‘sneaky’ group chat change teased

WhatsApp is set to introduced some big changes this year to improve the popular messaging servie.

A big update to its group chat feature has already been released, with upcoming changes including new options for groups and improved ways to filter unread messages.

What new changes has WhatsApp rolled out?

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    Bigger group chats

    WhatsApp recently rolled out a new update which allows group chats to be much bigger.

    The feature, which has already been released, means group chats now have the capacity to hold up to 512 people.

    What new features are coming?

    Chat filter improvements

    WhatsApp is currently working on a way to filter unread messages easily and more efficiently.

    According to screenshots seen by WhatsApp news website, WABetaInfo, you can search through messages and set it to only display unread texts you have received.

    Do not disturb mode

    WhatsApp may release a feature allowing users to set a do not disturb mode for their app.

    This feature will be perfect for drivers or people who hate to be disturbed by notifications as they sleep.

    Status updates in the chat

    WhatsApp may be making a major push to add user statuses directly to the main chat list.

    WABetaInfo said: “If the user clicks on the chat cell, WhatsApp opens the conversation with the contact but if they click on the profile picture of the contact that published a status update, their status update shows up.

    “Surely more people will start viewing status updates published by their contacts after the release of this feature.”

    Silently leave group chats

    This possible new feature was hinted by Mark Zuckerberg in April 2022, but no further details of the feature have been released since.

    WABetaInfo, who released the possible new feature after seeing a screenshot, said: “Only you and group admins will be notified that you left the group.

    “This screenshot is very clear: when you want to exit a WhatsApp group, other people won’t be notified in the chat.

    “Only group admins will be able to see who exits the group, but others don’t.”