This is when Boris Johnson will announce England's roadmap out of lockdown - and what it might look like

Boris Johnson will unveil England's road map out of lockdown on February 22 (Getty Images)Boris Johnson will unveil England's road map out of lockdown on February 22 (Getty Images)
Boris Johnson will unveil England's road map out of lockdown on February 22 (Getty Images)

Boris Johnson is set to unveil a roadmap out of lockdown restrictions as cases in England continue to fall.

The country was placed under a third lockdown on January 4 with schools and non-essential businesses forced to close until at least mid-February.

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Next week the prime minister will detail the country’s route out of lockdown restrictions from the return of schools to the reopening of pubs – here's what that might look like.

When is Boris Johnson announcing the roadmap? 

Speaking on February 3 Boris Johnson said that a roadmap out of lockdown would be published on February 22.

He said: “On February the 22nd, we will be setting out in as much detail as we can about where we see the dates, what the timetable could be, the earliest dates by which we want to do what - you remember what we did last year - setting out a route map, we’ll do that again.”

How can I watch announcement? 

There is no set time for the announcement yet but all Downing Street speeches made will be available to watch via BBC News.

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Alternatively, you can also watch online through BBC iPlayer, and Sky News also has a live YouTube stream.

The roadmap will be published on

What will the roadmap look like? 

The prime minister has said that the roadmap would be a “gradual” and phased lifting of restrictions.

Health Secretary underlined the government’s desire for caution saying that they wanted the third lockdown to be the country’s last.

The government has already voiced its intention to reopen schools on March 8, and it appears that education will take precedent over non-essential businesses.

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Johnson said that no firm decision has been made on whether all pupils will return at the same time on March 8.

The reopening of non-essential businesses, including the hospotiality sector, will be the next priority alongside rules on outdoor socialising and recreation.

For now the government remain tight-lipped on what a roadmap out of lockdown will look like with a review of restrictions currently underway.

A Number 10 spokesperson said: "I can't pre-empt what's going to be in the roadmap or the details of the review this week.

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"It will be the review this week that informs the decisions we make and what is contained in the roadmap on Monday, I can't pre-empt that."

Will holidays be allowed this year?

Ministers are looking at plans for people who live in the same household to be allowed to go on breaks together from April, the Times newspaper reported.

The Save Future Travel Coalition, made up of 12 leading travel trade organisations, has said it is vital that the Government works with the industry to develop a roadmap to reopen travel.

The coalition warns that the industry cannot afford to wait until everyone in the UK is vaccinated before people start to travel again, otherwise insolvencies and redundancies will be inevitable.

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The industry argues that a risk-based approach to travel, including a co-ordinated approach to vaccine certificates and use of passenger testing will be critical in opening up the overseas travel market.

Last week Downing Street said the Government is doing “everything we can to make sure people can have a holiday this summer” but Mr Johnson and other ministers have repeatedly cautioned that it is too early to be certain about what people will be able to do regarding holidays.

When will I be able to see family again?

This is still unclear, but the Daily Telegraph reported that plans are being considered that would allow grandparents to see grandchildren outdoors as early as next month.

The Daily Mail reported that the rule of six could return for outdoor gatherings, allowing people to meet in groups for walks or picnics in the park.