The cost of your water bills should be going down in April 2020 - here’s how much you’ll save

For some, household water bills can rack up and prove to be expensive each month.

But the cost of water is now set to be cut in April 2020 in both England and Wales.

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Cost of water set to be reduced

According to the Consumer Council for Water, Ofwat, which currently sets out how much water firms can charge, is expected to announce the change next week, in a move which could help millions of households.

Severn Trent Water and South West Water have already committed to reducing how much they charge over the next five years, but 14 remaining water firms are expected to follow suit and announce similar cuts next week - although it is currently unknown how much these cuts will be.

United Utilities have announced an 11 per cent fall in bills before inflation, with Severn Trent cutting by five per cent and South West falling by 15 per cent - both before inflation.

Although Ofwat tells firms how much they can raise costs by every five years, the Consumer Council for Water has disapproved of water companies charging too much, ignoring customer complaints about bills and not doing enough to protect the environment.

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Customers unhappy with water bills

According to CCWater's Water Matters recent survey, four in 10 households are currently unhappy with the cost of their monthly bills. But things could be set to change if water firms commit to reducing costs.

The change in cost will only affect households in England and Wales, as Northern Ireland and Scotland are not regulated by Ofwat.

Currently, there is a lower number of water utility companies in the UK, in comparison with gas and electricity supplies, and households are unable to switch between water firms.

The cost of water is now set to be cut in April 2020 in both England and Wales (Photo: Shutterstock)

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Water meters and saving money

Ofwat suggests that those who do not use a water meter could save money by having one installed. You can often get one installed for free.

If you are a non-metered customer, your bill is not based on how much water you use, but instead it is based on a standard charge.

If you’d like to reduce how much you currently spend on water, or think you’re paying too much, there are certain things you can do to help, including:

Checking what water and sewerage services you receive, and claiming a rebate for any you're not gettingChecking that you are paying the correct tariffReading your meter regularly if you have one

This article was originally published on our sister site, Yorkshire Evening Post.