Shocking RSPCA footage shows dozens of dogs locked in cages - as breeder is jailed and fined £50,000

A dog breeder has been jailed and fined £50,000 after being convicted of cruelty charges against more than 100 dogs.

Lynn Stoker, 62, was found in possession of the malnourished and mistreated animals at her property in Northumberland last year.

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A disturbing video of the homes' contents released by the RSPCA shows dozens of dogs locked in cramped cages.

Shocking footage show dogs locked up and horrific condition.

Many more animals were in desperate need of veterinary care, South East Northumberland Magistrates Court heard.

Appearing in the dock yesterday, Stoker, from Byrness, was handed a 21-week prison sentence and disqualified from owning an animal for life.

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The defendant denied all 11 charges levelled against her throughout a four-day trial last month.

But a jury found her guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to protected animals and failing to ensure an animal's welfare needs were met

The RSPCA, which led the investigation and prosecution, failed in an application to have Stoker hand over more than £290,000 in costs.

In its evidence, the animal charity said 85 dogs and two cats had ear disease, 66 dogs had dental problems and 26 were abnormally thin.

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The court heard "not a single dog was in a healthy condition", following the search of Stoker's home in May 2018.

A tortoise was also "unwell to the extent it died".

Stoker claimed her animals were not unwell and she had regular routines to look after them and check their health.

She said she had been breeding dogs for 25 years and her pets were never neglected.

District judge Bernard Begley, sentencing, said: "This is a particularly serious type of offence. Significant costs have been incurred.

"I really can't find any redeeming features. This was a high level of suffering – some animals were euthanised.

"You have not shown a shred of remorse or contrition."

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