Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interviewed by Oprah Winfrey - how to watch on demand in the UK

Prince Harry and Meghan have shared details about their life as royals and an insight into why they moved the US, in an ‘intimate conversation’ with Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah With Meghan And Harry: A CBS Primetime Special was aired in the UK by ITV on Monday 8 March.

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The interview came just weeks after the royal couple were stripped of their official royal affiliations and announced that they are expecting their second child.

For royal fans who missed the interview when it aired, the interview will now be available on demand.

So, where can you catch up on the tell-all conversation and what did the couple say about royal life? This is what you need to know.

What will the interview be about?

‘Oprah With Meghan And Harry: A CBS Primetime Special’ is a full two-hour exclusive interview, where Harry and Meghan gave insight into the royal family, how they were treated and made claims about the treatment of their son, Archie.

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Meghan and Oprah sat down for a personal conversation, before Harry joined to discuss more about their life, decisions to step back from Royal duties and living in the States.

The announcement of the interview said Meghan will be asked about "stepping into life as a royal, marriage, motherhood" and "how she is handling life under intense public pressure".

The pair also discussed their philanthropic ventures, which they have been keen to continue championing despite stepping down from their roles as royals.

In addition to the many unanswered questions around what led to the departure of Harry and Meghan from the UK, viewers also heard about their life in the States and their relationship with key royals.

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Prince Harry has always sought to keep his one-year-old from the media spotlight, which was thought to be the major deciding factor when the couple fled the UK for Canada in January 2020. They have now moved into a new home in Montecito, California.

Why has Oprah been chosen to interview the royal couple?

The American TV personality and leading talk show host is a close friend of the couple, and attended their wedding in 2018 at Windsor Castle.

Jonny Dymond, the BBC's royal correspondent, described her as “a very close acquaintance” of Harry and Meghan.

The Oprah Winfrey Show arguably broke the glass ceiling for women in television and she has gone on to interview President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama while he held office.

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She has been described on the National Women’s Hall of Fame as “the first African-American woman to own her own production company; a talented actress nominated for an Academy Award in her first movie; television’s highest-paid entertainer; producer and actress in her own television specials; and the successful host of a syndicated television talk show that reaches 15 million people a day.”

Some of the other big names Oprah has interviewed include President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Taylor, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and fellow talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

What has been revealed in teasers for the interview? 

Harry spoke openly in teasers for the interview, about his biggest fear of “history repeating itself” regarding the treatment of his wife and how his late mother, Diana, was treated by the media in the UK.

He adds “it has been unbelievably tough” to move away from his family and leave his royal duties, and Oprah asks Meghan: “Were you silent…or were you silenced?”

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Meghan has also stated that “the firm” – a term used to describe the royals – was “perpetuating falsehoods” about her.

She added that she feels liberated to be able to speak for herself as she claims she was not allowed to when she was a royal.

How have the other royals responded?

A statement released by Buckingham Palace suggests the couple did not inform the Queen, prior to announcing their interview with Oprah.

A statement from the palace, revealed by royal correspondent Rebecca English, said: “The Duke and Duchess are no longer working members of the royal family and therefore any decisions they take with regard to media commitments are matters for them.

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"As non working [members of the royal family] they are under no obligation to inform the Royal Household of such plans.”

However, in the interview Prince Harry said he had never and would never ‘blind-side' the queen, as he “has far too much respect for [his grandmother]”.

In the days following the CBS releasing teasers from the interview, The Times released leaked emails from staff at Kensington Palace which suggested Meghan had bullied several members of the royal household. 

Buckingham Palace have now launched an investigation into the claims.

Where can I watch Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry?

The interview has now been televised in the UK, viewers can now watch the the two-hour exclusive on the ITV hub.