Everything you need to know about Tesco Direct closing

Tesco Direct will cease trading on July 9 2018 leaving shoppers just over one month to order items from Tesco's household and clothing website.

The supermarket giant said the website, which was launched in 2006, could not be made profitable, and as a result 500 jobs are now at risk of redundancy.

For customers, orders placed through Tesco Direct will change slightly.

Some items will still be available in store. Shutterstock

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    Here's what the closure of Tesco Direct means for your orders, returns and vouchers:

    What is Tesco Direct?

    Tesco Direct is Tesco's online shop which stocks clothing and homeware products including furniture, electricals and gardening products.

    What does the closure mean for me?

    The closure of Tesco Direct will mean shoppers will no longer be able to buy some popular household and clothing items online.

    What will happen to the items sold on Tesco Direct?

    Some items will be added to the tesco.com website, however, large items such as mattresses, bikes and sofas will no longer be stocked.

    Can I still order items from Tesco Direct?

    Yes '“ Tesco Direct is still open for business and will accept orders until July 9, and whilst stocks last. But if you've pre-ordered an item which has a release date after July 9 then your order will be cancelled.

    If an item is sold out on the Tesco Direct website then the shop won't be getting it back in either.

    In-store order points for Tesco Direct will also be no longer available.

    Will I still receive my order from Tesco Direct?

    Yes '“ if you have already ordered a product from Tesco Direct you will still receive your order as planned, however, the website is no longer offering next day delivery. Instead all orders will take 2 to 5 days to arrive.

    The same applies for Click & Collect orders.

    Can I return any items bought from Tesco Direct?

    Yes but if you've ordered an item and it is damaged or faulty Tesco Direct will no longer be able to offer a replacement after July 9 as not all of the products in their online range is sold in store. If there is stock availability though you may be able to receive a replacement before 09 July.

    Shoppers will still be able to receive a refund from Tesco though.

    Can I still use my Tesco Direct gift card, coupons and vouchers?

    Yes '“ Tesco Direct will still accept any Tesco Direct eCoupons and gift cards until 9 July. Gift cards can also be used in stores.

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