A 'happy' street name could add £55,500 to the value of your home

If you live on a street with a ‘happy’ name, you’re about to be made very happy yourself, as this can increase your home’s value by a near average of £25,000.

New research reveals Hope is the most popular positive road name, and features on 216 streets. This is followed by Summer (127), Sunny (126) and Love (123).

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There are most happy street names in the North West and the average increase in value for a home on such a street, is £24,830.86.

A ‘Chipper’ street name potentially adds a huge £56,571 to your home’s selling price, and is most popular in Wiltshire.

If your road has ‘pretty’ in its name, it could boost your property’s price tag by an average £44,918, and is prevalent in the East of England!

Other beneficial names and where they are found most are: ▪Gay: £40,293 (SW), Pleasure: £39,029 (SE), Dancers: £32,029 (East of England), Beam: £30,623 (NW and NE), Heaven: £29,273 (London), and Merry: £27,619 (E and W Mids).

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BankRate discovered Hope is the favourite street name. Hope appears in 216 UK roads and increases property prices by £20,434 on average. Second is Summer, in 127 streets, followed by Sunny, in 126 road names! The 10 most popular happy road names are; Hope - 216, Summer - 127, Sunny - 126, Love - 123, Pleasant - 118, Paradise - 109, Angel - 90, Bright - 65, Rainbow - 48, and Flower - 31.

The North West has the most - 237 positive road names, then Yorkshire and The Humber (199), South East (175), South West (157) and East of England (139).

Should you fancy changing your street name, Florence Codjoe, personal finance expert at Bankrate, said: “The council will consider requests, but there must be a good reason; one includes a group of residents being unhappy with the street name.

It isn’t just the council’s decision. Royal Mail are asked for their position and whether they agree it is necessary.You must also obtain permission from the majority of residents on your street. If the neighbours and council agree then you are on the way to a successful street name change.”