'We're being ignored': Desborough residents' fury as they face another huge council tax rise

Desborough residents who set up their own political party after a huge council tax hike have hit out again after the same precept was set out for next year.

Tuesday, 20th December 2016, 5:00 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:18 pm
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The town council’s 400 per cent precept increase last year led to outcry, with a former councillor of 40 years saying it was ‘insulting’.

Months later a mini-referendum was held in the town, with 95 per cent of people saying they had no confidence in the council and residents set up their own party, Independents for Desborough.

Now the council has set the budget and precept for 2017/18 - and the group is not happy that the same £350,000 precept has been set.

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An Independents for Desborough statement said: “Independents for Desborough formed following the shellshock of the current year precept and the 95 per cent vote of no confidence in Desborough Town Council.

“To repeat the precept, despite the consternation and upset, underpins the fact that our elected representatives are ignoring every one of us and will continue to do so.

“Rothwell Town Council managed to deliver a skatepark on a precept of £30,000 this year and have a repeat £30,000 precept for next year.

“The Rothwell precept does not even cover the salary of the clerk for Desborough.

“The people and council at Rothwell must be looking over the hill and laughing, however, having attended several Rothwell Town Council meetings I believe they will sympathise with Desborough people for having an out of control council.”

The party, set to officially launch next year, says the council is taxing residents for things they could apply for grants for and no real questions were asked of the budget.

The statement added: “It is the role of a councillor to question the budget so that they accept the budget is complete, reasonable and all relevant matters have been considered.

“There was no evidence of this whatsoever.

“There were occasions where half-hearted ‘grandstanding’ challenges were made but ultimately the budget was unanimously approved.”

Desborough Town Council has been contacted for a comment.