Wellingborough nursery uses pioneering app to improve education

Warwick Playschool in Wellingborough, has been using pioneering technology to transform learning and development in its early years classrooms.

The nursery has introduced Blossom Educational, a new online platform, which allows teachers to easily track, monitor and analyse pupils’ learning journeys and share fun snapshots of daily activities with parents.

Practitioners at Warwick Playschool can now input important data like the child’s daily diaries and test results into the app, to quickly see key trends and identify strengths and weaknesses in their classroom.

This also saves time, allowing the team to dedicate more attention to the children.

Parents are also able to utilise this technology. They particularly benefit from receiving fun photos which bring their child’s day to life. With Blossom, parents can also access simple progress reports which help them to understand and support their child’s learning at home.

Joanna Ludlam, manager at Warwick Playschool, said: “We wanted to find something that was online, that could ease our workload and administration, and as a bonus, we were so pleased to find a platform that was created by practitioners.

“Blossom has everything we were looking for and what’s great is that the team genuinely want to hear our feedback.

“The platform is simple and easy to use and is constantly evolving to meet our individual needs. It is just great to have everything in one place.”

The Blossom app is currently being used by 1,000 teachers, 5,000 parents and 100 nurseries.

It was shortlisted for both the 2017 Nursery Management Today (NMT) Magazine Awards and 2017 Nursery World Awards, and has more recently been selected for Google’s Campus Start-up School: Launchpad 2017. This mentorship programme offers specialist support to the best start-ups, and Blossom was chosen for its unique and innovative functionality.

Sara Thakrar, early years teacher and founder of Blossom Educational, said: “I am incredibly proud of the hard work and passion that all members of the Blossom team have put into helping us develop our idea into an accessible online platform, which really does help nurseries and parents to improve each child’s learning.

“As a former early years practitioner myself, I realised there was a real need for nurseries to reduce the amount of the time they spend on their administration, and focus on what really matters – the children. With Blossom, our focus has always been to listen to our customers, and developing a platform with the functionality that they want and need.”

Visit blossomeducational.com for more information about the app, or contact the Blossom team at [email protected]